The Tuesday Currents

The death of a thousand pumpkins! Wood Sprite had pumpkin in her hair well into the evening…


Reading..A Wrinkle in Time with Wood Sprite, Order of the Phoenix with Indy and Wood Sprite

Writing… The usual

Drinking… Fizzy water

Watching… The Addams Family

Listening to… Halloween mix

Planning… Another pumpkin chuckin’ (along with a tween/teen party), birthday plans, a just-us weekend for Wood Sprite and me followed by one for just Indy and me, 4-H elections and project committees, tech breaks, game nights, two Friendsgivings, mom’s nights.

Wanting… to use next year’s planner. This homemade one is about 20 pounds. (Same as the last two weeks! Reminder: No more binder planners!)