The Tuesday Currents

My amazing new planner for 2017! Yes, it’s homemade and heavy. It’s also a binder and I have a love/hate relationship with binders, so… we’ll see how it goes!

Rocking out to… Stevie Nicks.

Drinking… half lemonade, half pineapple sparkling water. Yum!

Writing… the usual suspects

Reading… comic books

Watching… A The Prestige vs. The Illusionist showdown with Wood Sprite. She sided with Indy and chose the latter!

Planning… rides to our end-of-year stuff at Scouts, 4-H, etc. since Indy’s schedule flipped last week.

Wanting… To go ahead and use next year’s planner. Every time I make one with a binder I wail, “What was I thinking?” several times. Yep, I’m doing that.


Things I Love Thursday

They’ve got my back.

Our house has been understandably tense in the past few weeks. Between Indy’s hour change, making some big changes and decisions and it generally being the time of year when I burn out a bit, we could all really use a break. I can’t remember the last time Indy and I had a date and because of his hour change, our vacation (as small as it was to begin with) has been pushed to the fall. Plus, our oldest cat is blind (one of the big decisions mentioned earlier).  I’m feeling a sense of wanderlust, a sense of needing new scenery  and a breath of fresh air.  So here are some things I am loving this week.

Potatoes! Indy has made both twice-baked potatoes and potato soup this month. I wish we could have it every day but then we’d probably get sick of it! Well, maybe not. His is better than any restaurant’s. I keep saying he needs to sell it!

Wood Sprite’s whimsy. It never gets old.

Indy’s new schedule. Yes, I hate it, too, for the time being, but there are lots of things I do love about it. He’s going to be off on Halloween, his birthday, Father’s Day and Wood Sprite’s birthday! He won’t have to sleep away half the day on his first day off each week anymore (although he does have to go to bed early). We get to have dinner together and sleep next to each other (if I cook, and if my work is finished…). I LOVE having him home at night so much. I have so much more peace this way.

The opera! We got free seats to our first one today and it was so moving.

Versatility. An ex employer once told me that I was “a resilient one, for sure,” and I read a brilliant quote from Ash Ambirge that I added to my planner today: “You aren’t obligated to be the same person you were five minutes ago.” That led me to a whole stream of consciousness writing session about obligations and things I want and don’t want anymore and I love that I’m able to do that, to just look at things and make changes like I’m playing Battleship. Sure, sometimes they hurt or are just awkward (the tenseness that I referred to earlier) but if it improves life for the three of us, it’s all that matters.

What are you enjoying?

The Tuesday Currents

Sky photobombed while Indy worked on my phone.

Rocking out to… Kitty Cavalier’s Spotify playlists. She has excellent taste!

Drinking… H2O

Writing… articles, blogs, tests, the usual

Reading…  summer reading with Wood Sprite, The Enoughness Challenge

Watching… Grace and Frankie while on the treadmill! Thanks, J and J! <–Still this!

Planning… Gah. Don’t even say that word! Indy’s schedule not only switched shifts but hours, so I spent much of the weekend changing everything (All The Things!) for the rest of the year, including vacation plans. I also squeezed in a date with some of my best friends and a date with my sister last week, though!

Wanting… Four-day weekends with Indy. Since his schedule changed and he has no vacation until next year, he has NONE.  😡 Did I mention the schedule change includes a big pay cut (even though it’s meritorious and supposed to be an honor) because he’s not getting the night shift premium anymore AND that his new (“better!”) insurance not only has higher copays but does not include orthodontia? I guess the bit thing I WANT is for things to improve and not regress–and not just for us but for everyone!