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The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

counting down the days until September

starting the day super strong–until a toothache and stomachache took over! Before 10 AM I’d already done laundry and made new soap, written two articles, took care of the animals, made new sanitizer, made tea and coffee, meditated, did cardio and yoga, done paperwork and issued reminders… then a really mean salad with too much crunchiness and too much vinegar in my shot knocked me down for a bit. This is why we measure things, friends.

glaring hard at many a lawmaker. Yeah, I’m still writing. Yeah, I’m still calling. It’s just frustrating when nothing is done and they keep trying to cram us all into a time machine to take us back to the 1950s.

lesson planning. A new year, including a new planner and new binder, starts Thursday! Can this kid really be a sophomore already?

having All The Epiphanies. Seriously. Every conversation, every interaction, even every sleep yields new realizations. Is this common as you approach 39? Because I’m pretty excited. My favorites have included some new pain management tools and the idea that routine = radical self-care.

running around picking up supplies for various camps and classes. The teen has a money camp, an animation camp, a candle-making class and a stuffie-sewing class this week, among other things…

making and/or distributing flyers for homeschool groups, 4-H and SQSH

working on paperwork for 4-H, a leadership summit, conferences, and hopefully some staycation time for Indy so we can work on house repairs

eating fava bean “ice cream”

attending All The Meetings… except for extension council! I forgot we don’t have meetings in July.

writing about Game of Thrones, drink mixes, birds and so much more

regretting this red and blue planner theme for the week. I went ahead and used the stickers (this was months ago) because they came with a set for the year but it’s pretty much hurting my eyes at this point. I also didn’t think I’d be this busy come July and don’t have enough room for everything! Yikes.

loving it SO much when restaurants offer zoodles but wishing I could tell them 1. that they’re SO much better when you towel them off first and 2. that shirataki noodles are even better…

listening to 70s soul, Capricorn full moon playlists and rain noises (to sleep). One of my favorite ways to find new music is to see what playlists people have made on Spotify.

brushing All The Fur out of my critters, thinking that I’d love to get them groomed and have these winter coats taken care of immediately, only to forget it until the next day (or until I sweep up yet another puppy-sized pile of fur)

combatting ants, spiders and everything in between because summer

loving this year’s GISH mascot! Cutest one yet.

marveling over news about everything from Good Omens 2 to Black Widow to the Winchester prequel…

speaking of movies, I’m trying to pick the perfect drive-in dates to use our Groupons. Have you gone yet this summer?

What are you up to this week?