DIY Valentines

Friday Fun: Snowflake stenciling
Plus DIY home office, valentine treats & more

Try waiting it out
Sometimes time is the best remedy.

Saturday Steals: Free frozen yogurt
Plus coupons, tasting menus & more

Speak out against honor killings

It’s been a while since I’ve written a “take action” post, but this week there were several issues I wanted to share. Please feel free to take action below.

Take Action Thursday: Stop honor killings
And no more conflict minerals from Nintendo

Tasty Tidbits: Penguin snacks
Plus ooey gooey gnocchi

Easy homemade valentines
Make something for someone special or for the whole neighborhood

Paint a Gold Moon on Your Wall

It’s really cool, I promise! See below.

Friday fun: Watercolor paper wreaths
Plus Andy Warhol projects, a gold moon wall and more

Saturday Steals: Free kids’ meals
Plus 99-cent deals, free activity and craft packs & more

The Internet makes us all pretty lazy
Even homeschooling go-getters

Fun things to do at a hotel with your family
The most fun we’ve had all year so far

What’s cooking?

Weekly Recipes: Ruby Citrus Mojito
Plus lo mein, homemade sriracha sauce and more

No one is immune from bullying
Even adults are bullied, and it’s technically not illegal

Weekly Medley: The dangerous art of doing nothing
Plus attachment parenting beyond 6, coping with miscarriage and more

2013 in female roles
We saw some improvements, but is it really getting better?

Swingin’ Singles

Once I took a quiz to find out what my spy name would be; it was Swingin’est Secret Agent.

Anyway, this week I’m writing a bunch of really fun reviews of places to find last-minute gifts for your lover, partner, spouse or even a new date! You can visit all of the cities here (scroll to the bottom to find different cities like St. Louis and 19 others). Who knows? You might just find your new favorite gift hub in your area.