DIY Fun & Freebies

Saturday Steals: Free Art Project eBooks
Plus free Frosty drinks, Outback apps and more

DIY This Week
Here are some fun and easy DIY projects for the week.

Make an Egyptian mummy
It’s super easy and fun.

Best Halloween media for families
Share your recommendations every Saturday!

France Bans Child Pageants

Friday Fun: Miniature kitchens
Plus homemade hero shields, fall leaf crafts & more

France bans child beauty pageants
Let’s hope the U.S. is next in line.

Think it Over Thurs: Do your kids have cell phones?
Why or why not?

What do you do?
Share your passions, jobs and interests.

October Activities

Monday Medley: The sweetest flash mob
Plus the world’s largest dragon, an October activity calendar & more

Welcome to Banned Books Week!
How are you celebrating?

Tasty Tuesday: Fall donuts
Plus party potatoes, Kentucky Derby foods and Cajun roux

What’s Happening Wed: Unschooling is true to current science findings
Plus post-antibiotics living, narcissism, an inspiring video and more

Meth lab toy sets?

Monday Medley: Meth lab toy sets
Plus a cool commercial, a gun tragedy, and 20 things to do for a happier life

Give yourself a break, Mom
Whether you think you’ve earned it or not

What’s Happening Wed: Things every woman needs to stop doing
Plus Miyazaki, “mild” pedophilia and more

Tasty Tuesday: Salad sandwiches
Plus vegan muffins, pumpkin cheesecake Popsicles and more

Weekend Fun

Friday Fun: Make and takes for Grandparents’ Day
Plus car survival kits, after-dark play outside and much more

Mid-week Medley: Afro banning at school
Plus some thoughts on climate change, creativity and more shaming of girls

Saturday Steals: Free homeschool planners
Plus Netflix trials, cheap flights, V8 bars on sale and much more

Saturday Reads: Yelling is as bad as hitting
Plus fun quotes, gendered toys and more