Sunday Action Alerts

Share how you’re taking action this week!

Choose any or all to plug into.

Enact the National Popular Vote Compact

Buy a binder and donate it to your local LGBTQIA or trans mutual aid center. You can also take place in GC2B’s donation program.

Follow Reproaction on Twitter and take part in Friday’s Twitter Storm.

Tell Congress to pass paid leave and abortion rights with Moms Rising.


Take Action This Weekend

Where are you protesting, boycotting, canvassing or otherwise taking action this weekend? Here are some quick ideas.

Call any business that features signs of anti-abortion candidates on their property. Let them know you won’t be using their business anymore.

Call on the candidates you support to actually SAY abortion. Bust the stigma. Fight for full-on abortion support. No more of this “Well I wouldn’t have one, BUT…” bull.

Learn about Reconstruction and share–especially if your school district is anti-CRT.

Tell Biden to cancel student debt. Keep telling him.

Read Undrowned by adrienne maree brown.

Protest your local fake “crisis” clinic.