15 Ways Pokemon Go is Making the World a Better Place

Enough with all the poke-negativity. Here is some good news about Pokemon Go!

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15 Ways Pokemon Go is Making the World a Better Place

Things I Love Thursday

This time last year, we were on a mini vacation in Indianapolis. I'm hoping we can hit the road again sometime soon for another adventure!
This time last year, we were on a mini vacation in Indianapolis. I’m hoping we can hit the road again sometime soon for another adventure!

To avoid sharing my sour mood and violating the orders of Electric Light Orchestra, I’ll spare you the downs of the week and focus on things I’m just enjoying right now. Here are a few of them.

The library. I am always grateful for my palace of books and DVDs! Wood Sprite and I read six books together today and I’ve been catching up on comics in the bathroom here and there.

Goofing off with Wood Sprite. My monthly challenge for July was to “Connect Daily,” and I meant for it to apply to both Indy and Wood Sprite. While I’ve made sure to connect with both of them each day, we still feel pretty disconnected. As a homeschooling family who feels like this, I can only imagine what it’s like to just see each other for a couple of hours each evening, which is what a lot of families get.

Crossing off bucket list items. We went to our first (rock) concert as a family when friends gave us free tickets over the weekend and had SUCH a good time. Another intention for the year was to publish two Changeling books by the end of 2016 and I’ve got three on the schedule.

A full fridge. We used to hate on Aldi, which seemed like a nasty store when we were kids, but these days it’s the perfect place to stock up without spending an arm and a leg.

My washer and dryer. So what if the laundry is piled to the ceiling while I work long hours? Did you know that only 2 billion people in the world have access to washing machines? It makes you feel pretty grateful when you realize you’re in the top percentage of that bunch. Of the 5 billion people washing their clothing by hand every day, how many do you think would love to have all that time freed up with a machine that does it for them?

What are you loving this week?

15 Times Harry Potter Was a Jerk

There are people who absolutely hate Harry Potter and only read the books or watch the films for the rest of the characters in the series. As much as I happen to like Harry himself, you can’t deny that he’s had his jerktastic moments. Most of them are just part of being a teenager, but that didn’t make them less annoying or infuriating.

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15 Times Harry Potter Was Just a Jerk

The Tuesday Currents

We found this little guy  home over the weekend, too. Thanks for helping us, Aunt D!
We found this little guy home over the weekend, too. Thanks for helping us, Aunt D!

Rocking to… Collective Soul. We saw them in concert with the Goo Goo Dolls on Sunday (thanks for the free tickets, T and L!) and my 90s fangirl is still rolling with it.

Laughing About… Making Wood Sprite’s FNAF stuffed animals talk like babies. At first she was SUPER annoyed but then she was laughing as hard as I was.

Drinking… Water.

Reading… Y: The Last Man volumes 3 and 4; Ex Machina volume 2; ; Ultimate X-Men (still loving my Brian K. Vaughan ); Fantastic Four; Deadpool Classic and Trollhunters by Guillermo del Toro.

Writing… Product descriptions (car parts, pillows, art pieces, etc.), an article about marijuana in Seattle, three pieces for Screen Rant, journal entries, Boo to You, Mrs. Robinson.

Watching…  Not much this week! Between daytime plans, ripping out the carpet, rearranging the living room and writing, it’s been challenging to find time to do much else. We probably watched a little bit of Parks and Recreation.

Planning… GISHWHES (starts in less than 2 days!), First Friday at the Science Center, Indy’s vacation (also known as The Week of Work on the House), a week of Indy working nights, fall co-op stuff.

Making… Floor levelers, a toad home, planner changes, flavored tea, a full fridge (gotta love Aldi!).

Wanting… Why do I always want coffee? I’ll only get groggy if I don’t maintain a steady stream. I want to meet my niece who’s due this winter and my good friend’s son who was just born (welcome to the world, A!), to get a grip on the clutter here and get rid of a ton of stuff (anyone need picture books and board games because we are SWIMMING in them!), and to sand all of our hardwood floors. Fingers crossed that we’ll be able to pull that off while Indy’s on staycation.

Monday’s Music

Fever Ray is rocking my world lately. Today’s song is a little bit of an obsession lately.

Indy had a lot of overtime last week (and he has some this coming weekend as well), but this week is a full one for us.  We have an art class, a couple of Harry Potter events (woot!), a graduation party, the county fair, an orthodontist appointment, a play… It will be great practice for me to manage all of this with my usual chores, workload and Wood Sprite, since the packed calendar of fall is rapidly approaching and I’ve gotten used to staying home to work.

What are you up to this week?

15 Best Dragon Movies of All Time

We have a few Toothlesses around here... This one is my daughter's biggest dragon.
We have a few Toothlesses around here… This one is my daughter’s biggest dragon.

If you think I missed one, there is a 50% chance that I did… and a 50% chance that I just hate the movie you are thinking about. 😉

Which dragon movie is your favorite of all time? Much as I love these, I am really hoping that my favorite hasn’t been made yet. I want many, many more to see!

That said, it’ll be pretty hard to top #1 and #2.

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15 Best Dragon Movies of All Time