The Tuesday Currents

One more day until September! As usual, we’re a little more overextended than I would like, and I’m looking around my house to see where I actually want to add Halloween stuff since we are basically the Addams Family already. Our yard, which was overcome with gourds all summer, has just been hacked up and cleared (save for two rows of pumpkins), so now we have over 30 little gourds to decorate with and give to loved ones! What are you up to this week? I’m…

prepping All the Homeschool Things

building Jeffco Pride and planning events

planning events for our equity club

planning fall archery practice dates and trainings

working on the kiddo’s birthday

playing catchup on paperwork

planning holiday time off

learning how to do more stuff at work (wow, can I get any vaguer?)

playing Cats & Soup (my new cats, Blackbonnet and Tig, are Snowshoe and Calico cats and I LOVE them) and falling head over feet for the cute sugarcane stations

reading The Broken Heart of America, The Gay Agenda, Husband Material and homeschool books

Watching One Mississippi and The Batman

trying to attend the meetings I can and taking a hard look at where I can cancel

doing three roleplays with new support line volunteers

planning some fun activities for the St. Louis LGBTQIA+ Mental Health Coalition

helping my teen navigate his part-time job, activities, homeschooling and clubs

planning a big sugar cut again (grooooan). I have to, though, because I know I’ll feel so much better, after the initial agony.

playing secretary for my teen’s activities and Indy’s car repairs for folks

helping said teen finish up on his big roleplay tournament class for the semester

writing a racy scene in a circus environment inspired by a Godsmack song (see last week’s Music!)

listening to Fever Ray

burning a beignet candle

ogling Gail’s candles and thinking about getting one at the farmer’s market…

craving all things apple and pumpkin

looking for some comfy pajamas or sweats in the David Pumpkins style! I do not want the costume but the pattern.

hating my hair as it approaches the mushroom phase, and simultaneously wanting to grow it out and cut it all off. It may be striped beanie season for me.

preparing to clean house to “September” for hours on end, to write with my beautiful brown pen for a month, and to put little pumpkin stickers on everything within reach

finishing my September countdown. The October one begins soon!

The Tuesday Currents

This draft is over a week old. That’s how busy we’ve already been this August! Normally we clear out the first week of the month to do our annual GISH scavenger hunt, and it often fills much more quickly than we mean it to fill, but this year we only did a few items due to time constraints. I didn’t even get to read the whole list! That’s how busy we were last week while we:

trained for a new job

worked on cars

graduated from a leadership program

worked on 4-H

met a senator

worked on projects for summer final classes

worked on Extension Council

worked on a Board

combated two infections

set up teen events for local homeschoolers

helped trainees practice for a helpline

met with new coworkers

attended a birthday party

and I’m sure there were a bunch of other things going on as well! Whew.

What are you up to so far this August?