Memorial Day, Pinterest Stress & More

Memorial Day Deals and Activities
Enjoy the holiday with your family.

Monday Medley: The great bedsharing debate
Plus HSLDA and child abuse, weird “Pinterest stress” and the truth behind photoshopping.

Family Venues Need to Be Family-Friendly
If not, call yourself a “standard venue,” or something far less creative.

Mental disorder, thy name is life
Do you think any of these diseases are a load of crap?

What’s Happening Wednesday: No need for tummy time?
Plus the benefits of yoga, dangers of processed meats and more.

Natural Living: Home remedies, cures and ideas
Find out how to get rid of mold, detox your air and more naturally.

Summer Bucket Lists

bucketGetting yours ready yet?

Get Involved with Summer Projects
Swap postcards, create a bucket list and have some fun!

Your High School and Post-Secondary Educational Options
There are so many more than you might think.

Think It Over Thursday: Cops Arresting Kids
It happens so much more than we think.

Friday Fun: More Homemade Remedies
Plus cool science finds and videos, free things boxes, outdoor challenges and more.

Raising Critical Thinkers
Share these resources, ideas and news pieces with your kiddos and find out what they think!

Saturday Steqls & Deals: Freebies All Over the Web
Plus cheap slurpies, units and curriculum sales.

Book People Unite

I just love this campaign!

Book People Unite
Check out this fun project featuring Jack Black, John Legend and all of your favorite children’s stories.

The Kid Should See This
Bookmark this blog for daily viewing! Plus, freaky animals and more things the kid should see.

Monday Medley: New Vaccine Information
Plus ADHD controversy, Abercrombie news, American parenting and more.

Tasty Tuesdays: Strawberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake
Plus iced tangerine tea, avocado pasta and more.

Unschooling is Not Unparenting
Why I’m uncomfortable in several unschooling communities.

What’s Happening Wednesday: Playing in the Dirt Makes You Smart
Plus poverty as a disease, Eden Village and more.

DIY Tie-Dye

tiedieThis week, I wrote about web logos, marketing strategies, veggie kabobs and dozens of other topics. I can’t share any of these ghostwritten pieces, but I can share these really fun blogs about smoothies, parenting tips, Brave‘s Merida and homemade tie-dye.

Cool Projects: Homemade tie-dye
All you need is a cup, some markers and some rubbing alcohol.

Weekly Recipe: Orange Dream Creamsicle
Plus Gatorade alternatives, green smoothie tips and slow cooked oatmeal.

Feminist SAHMs
Plus lack of girls on cereal boxes, Merida’s makeover and more.

Friday Fun: DIY projects for kids, Mr. Rogers & more
What are you doing this weekend?

Monday Medley: Leave the kids alone
Plus calming secrets, the dumbing down of girlhood and more.

Saturday Steals: Summer freebies
Free movies, bowling and more—plus free homeschooling planners.

Homemade Remedies, Getting Crafty with Restaurant Cups

cupGetting crafty with restaurant cups
You knew you brought them home for a reason!

Unschooling/Homeschooling meme
Share something about yourself and your family.

Homemade Fun: Make your own vapor rub
Plus homemade calamine lotion, body butter, sunscreen and more.

Happy Children’s Book Week!
Here are some fun ways to celebrate.

Great Field Trips: The grocery store
It’s free, fun and really cool to learn about.

What’s Happening Wednesday: Parenting strategies
Plus lasagna gardens, tiger moms and unschooling yourself.

Mother’s Day Ideas, Cultural Exchange & More at Progressive Parenting, Conscious Caregiving

Fabulous Mother’s Day Ideas
Make Mom smile with one of these gifts.

Friday Fun: Mini quote book for mom
Plus Memorial Day ideas, composting, backyard games, postcard sharing and more!

Mother’s Day plans
What are yours—and what do you secretly want?

Seven fun cultural exchange ideas
Use these ideas in classrooms, co-ops, salon forums and at home.

Saturday Steals & Deals: Dine for less
Plus deals on jewelry, puppy pads, lesson plans and more.

How to be an ally
Use these resources with your family, co-op, school and anyone else who wants to be an ally.

New Posts at Progressive Parenting

Recipe of the Week: Chocolate éclair cake
This cheap and easy no-bake treat is the perfect way to cool off.

What’s Happening Wednesday: Homeschooled kids have the edge
For some reason, I feel the need to set this news to a Roxette song…

Losing their religion
All you can do is shake your head.

Teacher Appreciation Week
Give a shout out to the teachers you love.

Kitchen tips and tricks
Plus fun food rituals and recipes for fairy cakes, veggie water and more.

Think It Over Thursday: Hitting kids
Why on earth do we still allow this to happen?