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The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

feeling SO much better and really enjoying chugging water that stays where it’s supposed to

working on Wood Sprite’s schedule, lessons and handout printing (for both the week and semester)

doing All The 4-H Things–particularly outreach and archery planning

working on a 4-H marketing committee

marketing my book, which releases next week

catching up with other places I volunteer with

writing about chocolate, Impossible foods, odd Valentine’s Day gifts and much more

catching up on a million chores

video chatting with my sisters and aunt on top of the enormous pile of laundry I’m doing

planning my niece’s visit for the week

making plans with family

wishing for some time to read. I just had another seven books expire from my Kindle from the library that weren’t read.

learning how to use grant databases

creating a database of safe spaces for queer folks in Jefferson County. Let me know if you know of any!

preparing to foster three ferrets!

making plans for Wood Sprite to meet up with friends online

seeing my dad, who dropped by as a surprise yesterday. I love to send him away with any treats we have because he has a sweet tooth–yesterday it was some striped cookies.

actually using an energy drink to catch up! Normally I hate these things but this coffee one is awesome.

trying to catch up before Wednesday, which is our anniversary. I’m thinking we may just have to celebrate during the weekend since it’s difficult for me to finish Wednesdays during normal weeks!

feeling sore all over from overdoing it yesterday–but also pretty proud of how much I got done!

watching Gunpowder Milkshake while I write

What are you up to this week?