New Article in Life Learning Magazine

My article, “Because I Said So,” is in this month’s issue of Life Learning Magazine. In it, I discuss adult privilege and prejudice against children. You can download the magazine at the link, but only subscribers will have access to it.

New Post at Feminspire

This week I’m writing all kinds of fun things about Halloween costumes, hangover remedies, crafts and more–but I can’t share them with you! Argh!

I can share my newest post at Feminspire, though. It’s another media blog about some of my favorite female-positive movies. They’re not as awesome as Miyazaki movies but I love them, and I have since I was a child.

Don Bluth Films: Providing Positive Role Models for Young Girls

Poem Featured in Upcoming What the Dickens? Magazine

My poem, “The Half-God’s Grief,” will be in issue 8 of What the Dickens? Magazine. It’s available for pre-order now here and there are limited copies available.

This one isn’t a piece I mentioned last week, but a pleasant surprise instead. 🙂 The poem depicts Hercules and the death of one of his lovers, the young man Hylas.


fuegoSadly, I don’t have any links to share with you just yet this week. Most of this week’s writing is ghostwriting, so I can’t post it. If I could, I’d have a few dozen links to post and many more to come today and tomorrow. 😉

I do have a few posts I’ll be able to share soon at Feminispire, Teaching Tolerance, Life Learning Magazine and hopefully more, so look for those in the upcoming weeks. I also just finished editing my second adult fantasy romance book, The Boon Collector, and am excited to announce it will be released on March 22! It’s in a series with other authors, which is really cool, and I can’t wait to read them all. Check out my grownups-only blog at right to find out more.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my handsome boy Fuego enjoying his catnip and tower. Every time Harry Dresden yells “Fuego!” in the Dresden Files books, I look at my cat and wonder what he’s done.