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fuegoSadly, I don’t have any links to share with you just yet this week. Most of this week’s writing is ghostwriting, so I can’t post it. If I could, I’d have a few dozen links to post and many more to come today and tomorrow. 😉

I do have a few posts I’ll be able to share soon at Feminispire, Teaching Tolerance, Life Learning Magazine and hopefully more, so look for those in the upcoming weeks. I also just finished editing my second adult fantasy romance book, The Boon Collector, and am excited to announce it will be released on March 22! It’s in a series with other authors, which is really cool, and I can’t wait to read them all. Check out my grownups-only blog at right to find out more.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my handsome boy Fuego enjoying his catnip and tower. Every time Harry Dresden yells “Fuego!” in the Dresden Files books, I look at my cat and wonder what he’s done.

Have You Played Project Positivity Yet?

If not, please check it out here on Facebook. It’s been a fun six days so far!

Be sure to come and play at these sites, too:

100 Words
I’m writing this month’s 100 words on the theme of gratitude. Each day, I’m going to fit as many things I am grateful for (along with their descriptions) in 100 words each day.

Creative Copy Challenge
# 81, on body image
#13, “Sketching in Central Park”
#14, “Mystery Man”

Mix It Up Day is November 9 This Year

Register your school or location for this wonderful diversity, understanding, and friendship activity.

Peace Report
Register for Mix It Up Day on November 9

Dog Report
No Dog (Wild or Not) Deserves to Be Shot by Helicopter

Restaurant Talk
The Great Food Truck Race

Denver Job Market
Free Voter Issue Training

Romance Book Club
Fire Study

And the September 100 Words Challenge is in full swing! Check out my entries and leave a link to yours.

Eating Healthy in the Dorms

As an undergraduate, I ended up losing weight instead of gaining the dreaded “freshman 15.” I didn’t even try; it just happened. Here are some of the reasons why.

Campus Report
A Healthy College Pantry

Educational Book Club
Everything We Know is Wrong

Parenting Report
She’s a Child, Not a Doll

Farm Talk
Join the Annual Walk for Farm Sanctuary

In a Sentence
Challenge 73, on dads and first sleepovers
Challenge 74, on lawyer-client relationships
Challenge 75, on being sleep-deprived

Come (Write 100 Words) and Play!

I’m absolutely loving this website that Aless passed on to me.  Today is a new month, perfect to jump in on a 30-day challenge! Who’s with me?

100 Words
September 1

Also, the Creative Copy Challenge continues for those who want to have some fun writing 10-word prompt stories!

Creative Copy Challenge
Challenge #71, on fall!