Things I Love Thursday

Writing a list of things that you love seems to be the most helpful on difficult days. Today’s one of those days, so I’m going to attempt a list.

Lately, I’m loving…

writing on a couple of projects

the help of our interim 4-H youth supporter

soft pants that reach my ankles–no more, no less. It seems that most of my pants do one or the other instead.

time off with my family. I seem to be spending most of the time I’m off catching up on sleep, but this weekend I had a difficult time doing even that. Even so, we got some much-needed chores done around the house and watched Thor: Love and Thunder (which we had complicated feelings about), My Mad Fat Diary (which I loved), and Disenchanted (which we didn’t finish out of boredom)

volunteers, mask wearers, organizers, protestors, liberation fighters

reading aloud with Indy. We’re making our way through a Christopher Pike book, a TJ Klune, and a Susan Ee. I have no idea how we got here–we’ve never had this many going at once before–but we’ve been reading each one in specific places or during specific times (typically going to pick up Artie or wait for him in parking lots). I have already read two of them on my own but don’t remember them very well.

I read a bunch of books this month, too, but none of them really stood out, aside from Rest is Resistance, which is excellent.

the picture frame my sister gave me

socks from my mom and sister. I will always love getting socks, especially if they have a specific function.

our bed. We’ve piled on a bunch of blankets found throughout the house to make a nest this fall and it’s such an improvement. As a kid, I often slept on such a nest made of blankets on the floor, which included a sleeping bad I loved so much, and it reminds me of that coziness. I’m only missing Binx, the best cat who ever lived.

Indy’s patience with me as I navigate difficult mental health days, grief, and anxiety. Gizmo has joined my support club. She likes to curl up by my head and cry and purr until she gets the results she’s after.

ideas galore. My brain just won’t shut up, awake or asleep, and they’ve been streaming through almost constantly.

spending fall break with family, even though A. I was so tired we only stayed a couple of hours and didn’t get pie as a result, and B. half of my family got sick afterward

sharing Tiktoks with the kiddo. We send each other videos but we really like taking turns sharing them together an hour before I go to work as part of our routine.

learning so much at my job. Whether it’s from my colleagues or various webinars, I’m constantly learning something new.

musical support. Thank you to all of the people I don’t know who’ve made awesome playlists to sift through when my own just aren’t cutting it.

space heaters

fall breezes billowing through curtains

What are you loving this week?