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Alternative Holiday Gifts

Here are some wonderful ideas for alternative holiday gifts, including gifts that give more to others as well as meaningful gifts children will treasure for years to come.

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Those Sparkly Homeschool Moments

I see things every day that I am amazed by, but every once in a while something just wows me…

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Things I Love Thursday

I was hoping to report that one of the things I loved this week was a loan we applied for. After nearly a year of my husband being laid off, we are deeply behind financially, even after making many, many cutbacks. Sadly we were not approved, which means I just need to work even harder at getting us above water. In the meantime, here are a few things that I love this week.

  My husband picking up extra hours due to the holidays. I don’t support consumerism, but when it’s helping to pay our bills, I am grateful.       A surprise chunk of money from a friend who had my husband help her move, which allowed us to buy Wood Sprite’s allergy medicine, purchase groceries, and pay part of a bill. Thank you so much, J!      Gorgeous book shelves given to us by said friend. I love the red in my living room; now I don’t love the rest of the room so much and want it just as bright! I’m thinking the Browns’ house in Nanny McPhee…       Unschooling. Around this time two years ago I still had many doubts, and last year I was just becoming comfortable… Now I can’t imagine anything else. Yesterday Wood Sprite demonstrated the entire Scientific Method without having ever studied it, just by doing craft experiments on her own… I am continually amazed by her and wish other children could have the same opportunity to make mistakes without judgement, explore their passions, be active all day, and simply be themselves. I am also grateful that we didn’t have to put up with false Thanksgiving tropes and pageants and crafts that many schools still perpetuate this time of year.      Sleep. I have been allowing myself more of it (including two nights of eight hours this week) and boy, has it made a difference! I feel better, and so much happier, after I’ve rested.     Fairytale compilations! After I read Silver Birch, Blood Moon, I had to check out the other compilations from these editors, and I am not disappointed yet! Right now I am reading Troll’s Eye View, and it turns out that the same editors compiled the book I enjoyed several weeks ago, Teeth. There are still dozens yet for me to read, and I am so excited about the four I have reserved at the library.  

Guest Post at I’m Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write.

I am a big fan of the blog I’m Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write. I’ve found a lot of inspiration, as well as kindred stories, at Idzie’s blog, so when she asked for guest posts from her readers I was very happy to submit one. 🙂

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How About a Buy Nothing New Christmas?

It’s definitely possible to do–and it could be exactly what your holidays were missing.

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