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Speak out against honor killings

It’s been a while since I’ve written a “take action” post, but this week there were several issues I wanted to share. Please feel free to take action below.

Take Action Thursday: Stop honor killings
And no more conflict minerals from Nintendo

Tasty Tidbits: Penguin snacks
Plus ooey gooey gnocchi

Easy homemade valentines
Make something for someone special or for the whole neighborhood

How to Be a Solutionary

Check out Zoe Weil’s latest TED Talk!

Earth Talk
Zoe Weil: How to Be a Solutionary

Tree Worshipper
Clorox Says Green Shoppers are Ridiculous

Get Well Toys
Daily Bargains in Target Dollar Bins

The Best Twilight Video Ever

Folk Music Talk
Get Your Kid a Recorder

AA Talk
Is there a Non-Religious AA Out There?