What Dogs Do

This week I’m only ghostwriting: singles resources (movie dates and ideas this time), sports shoes, product descriptions and much more. That will probably be the majority of my work, if not all of it, for the next month or two.

My family is also grieving for someone we all loved very, very much. I do have one fun thing to share today. In an effort to cheer me up, Wood Sprite told me, “This is what dogs do,” and positioned her toys as follows:


A Fond Farewell

cahokia3This is my final post for the Progressive Parenting, Conscious Caregiving blog, which will no longer be updated. I want to thank everyone who followed along and shared your thoughts and ideas about homeschooling, unschooling and parenting in general. It was a lot of fun to interact with you! Keep following along with this blog to keep up with our adventures and my other work. Most of my other work is ghostwriting that cannot be shared, but I can post something from time to time! You can also check out my supernatural adult fiction (18+ only) at the right, or follow me on Twitter. Thanks again!

A Fond Farewell
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