Things I Love Thursday

I don't have his staff (or any cards his size, for that matter), but I think this banner is a nice replacement.
I don’t have his staff (or any cards his size, for that matter), but I think this banner is a nice replacement.

I woke up sick to my stomach this morning, so Wood Sprite and I are missing plans with good friends.  Aside from that, here are a few things I am loving this week…

Gambit’s new writing reminder. I’ve always loved the Avengers meme version of this but I thought it would be fun to have a physical one in my office! I have a bunch of action figures, Funko pops, stickers and even squinkies around this window that I can’t decide to superglue on or not. While I know it would be amazing (and keep the window functional), it would also mean that I SUPERGLUED MY PRECIOUSES.

Reading news about Guillermo del Toro and his new productions. I cannot wait! Plus, I just reserved his latest book at the library.

New stickers! Indy bought me some sticker paper so I made Labyrinth, Edgar Allan Poe, Harry Potter, X-Men, Poison Ivy, Brave, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who stickers.

The Birdsong and Woodland Ambiances album on Spotify. I haven’t listened to a nature sounds mix since college! Honestly, I’ve been in nature more than I’ve ever been since having Wood Sprite, so maybe I haven’t needed to listen to a mix like this. While I’m inside working, it’s incredibly lovely to listen to, though. It may be my new secret weapon.

Lemon ice treats. They even have them at the dollar store now.

What are you enjoying this final week of June?

The Tuesday Currents

How many days until October?
How many days until October?

Rocking to… 80s rock ballads. I’m digging Skid Row, Extreme, Loverboy… as always.

Laughing About… Indy telling people I will steal their soul to earn another freckle, hiding Wood Sprite’s Five Nights at Freddy’s plush (or just moving it to freak her out)… he’s been up to a lot of shenanigans lately.

Drinking… Water.

Reading… Comics, Cheryl Strayed’s Brave Enough, library books with Wood Sprite… I have a billion ebooks and library books but haven’t had the chance to get into them much this summer.

Writing… Site testing, video blurbs, geeky lists, journal entries, my October Changeling release… pretty much the same kind of stuff as last week.

Watching… Science videos with Wood Sprite, car trouble shooting videos… Sophie went kaput again today (at a stoplight!). Luckily, between my aunt, our good friend M and our insurance we were able to get her home and diagnosed. Indy had her fixed before dark. Let’s hope that was the only thing wrong with her!

Planning… Yardwork, house updates, a big book swap…

Making… Planner schtuff.

Wanting… Sophie to stay fine, my arm to stop bothering me, some paint and siding…

Monday’s Music

Indy and I had a date night last night. I’ve littered my comics around the house for him to read (“Meh”), waiting for him to love my merc and after finally watching Deadpool, he’s a fan. So this seems like a great song for the week. Yeah, it’s probably NSFW.

This week, Wood Sprite has camp at the Microsoft store. We’re also going to try to squeeze in some swimming and another sleepover. What are you up to?

The 15 Most Patriotic Superheroes Ever

You already know how much I love writing lists. Two of my weekly posts on this blog are list-style and I have written lists for dozens of blogs in the past decade or so. Don’t even get me started on my planner. So when I tell you that I’m now writing lists for Screen Rant, the #1 independent movie and TV news website, you can imagine how excited I am about it.

My first list at Screen Rant is live and I hope you enjoy it. Everything about this site is fun.

The 15 Most Patriotic Superheroes Ever

Things I Love Thursday

Wood Sprite says hello.
Wood Sprite says hello.

I love her SO much, but if I hear “Try Everything” one more time I may have to hide her new speakers from Grandma. I loved that song, too–yesterday, before I’d heard it 67 times.

Aside from that song, this week I am loving…

An intro to storytelling class for bloggers with (you guessed it!) great stories and resources. You can sign up for it at Fevered Mutterings.

New opportunities! I’m writing for a couple of new places and working in a schedule that serves us well.

A clean office. It took me three days to get it clean after it was taken over by aliens rats with feathers adorable feathered creatures for a couple of months. I also did some re-arranging, gutting and de-cluttering because of course I did.

Visits and calls with friends! Now that the semester is officially over, I don’t see my friends as often as I normally do (neither does Wood Sprite), so when they do visit it feels like a holiday. “Oh, Z and A are coming for a sleepover? Maybe we should make the special punch!” Let’s be honest–I will use any excuse to make punch.

My 2017 planner. It’s mostly homemade and I love it SO much. I wish I could start using it now. It’s–well, LOOK at it:

Yes, it says “World Domination Handbook” right next to Liz Sherman.

It even has weekly blog reminders, plenty of space for my inane doodles and insane journal entries and the most adorable deadline stickers you’ve ever seen.

My new Doctor Who ringtone. Wood Sprite loves it, too, as it A. reminds her to ask me for a phone so she can have the same ringtone every time she hears it (nope) and B. doesn’t freak her out like my old American Horror Story ringtone did.

What are you loving?


The Tuesday Currents

All of these books have something in common. Can you guess what that might be?
All of these books have something in common. Can you guess what that might be?

Rocking to… Spotify Premium! My sister added me to her family account and now I have NO ads. It is LOVELY. Thanks, Elle.

Laughing About… Fake animatronic characters. Wood Sprite is into Five Nights at Freddy’s and I keep poking fun by making up new characters, like Newton the Perpetually Sick Hedgehog who carries around a hanky.

Drinking… Tea.

Reading… Style guides! I am trying on a few new gigs on for size. Wish me luck! I’ve also been reading over a few old journals.

Writing… Site testing, video blurbs, geeky lists, journal entries, my October Changeling release.

Watching… Parks and Rec bloopers

Planning… Dreary, must-do tasks that I’d rather not do–as well as some much more enjoyable plans that I would! Does it get more cryptic than that?

Making… Retainer care stickers (there’s a market for these, I’m telling you!), scheduling stickers, re-arranged rooms, cleared space out of cluttered space, a shelf for my work, makeshift coop pieces, messes, muffins.

Wanting… for people to stop inviting drama into their lives (and, subsequently, mine).