Things I Love Thursday

It won't be long and she'll be back to backpack spelunking.
It won’t be long and she’ll be back to backpack spelunking.

Chocolate! We took a tour of Bissinger‘s today and it was a lot of fun. They also have the world’s best gummy bears, and I should know. I’m a connoisseur of all things gummy.

This week, I’m also loving…

Cleo feeling better. It has been a stressful week because I’ve never had a cat this sick. After making her drink and eat for a couple of days, along with giving her allergy medicine, she is finally perking up. Indy is also sick this week but insists that he is fine, of course.

Having more TIME. I quit Facebook, I was unfortunately downsized a bit at two different jobs this month and our schedule has cleared up with the semester over. Suddenly I have time to meditate, doodle, draw, clean my house… It’s pretty amazing. I’m actually caught up in three MOOC courses AND the laundry, and Wood Sprite and I are making our way through all of the Goosebumps books.

I also finished my Goodreads challenge! I set it higher every year. This year I set it for 95 books. Sure, I log all the books we read, from comics to novels and everything in between, but I usually finish at about 500% by the end of the year. 😉 Consequently, I also just finished my summer reading program at the library already… Wood Sprite is done with hers, too, but Indy has a bit to go.

Gift cards! Indy found two in his wallet today from the holidays, so this week’s groceries were under four bucks.

Free talk and text apps! There are several of them you can use. I think Skype is my favorite.

Being frugal! There’s a theme here…

Kits from the zoo, library, botanical gardens… I love having these wonderful free resources for my family.

A clean room! Wood Sprite’s room is emptier than I have ever seen it. She’s growing so fast and she got rid of so many toys. She still has tons, but she wanted to make space to move our rabbits into her room.

What are you loving this week?