The Tuesday Currents

How many days until October?
How many days until October?

Rocking to… 80s rock ballads. I’m digging Skid Row, Extreme, Loverboy… as always.

Laughing About… Indy telling people I will steal their soul to earn another freckle, hiding Wood Sprite’s Five Nights at Freddy’s plush (or just moving it to freak her out)… he’s been up to a lot of shenanigans lately.

Drinking… Water.

Reading… Comics, Cheryl Strayed’s Brave Enough, library books with Wood Sprite… I have a billion ebooks and library books but haven’t had the chance to get into them much this summer.

Writing… Site testing, video blurbs, geeky lists, journal entries, my October Changeling release… pretty much the same kind of stuff as last week.

Watching… Science videos with Wood Sprite, car trouble shooting videos… Sophie went kaput again today (at a stoplight!). Luckily, between my aunt, our good friend M and our insurance we were able to get her home and diagnosed. Indy had her fixed before dark. Let’s hope that was the only thing wrong with her!

Planning… Yardwork, house updates, a big book swap…

Making… Planner schtuff.

Wanting… Sophie to stay fine, my arm to stop bothering me, some paint and siding…

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