Things I Love Thursday

My oldest and youngest!
My oldest and youngest!

It’s been a very active week! Wood Sprite has been enjoying a day camp filled with archery, canoeing, tree climbing, fishing and much more while Indy and I have a date each day. Yesterday was our best date yet and I’ve been really enjoying our couple time. This week, I’m also loving…

Making my own Starbucks Pink Drink.

Snuggling with Cleo, who is suddenly attached to me. (Indy makes her say, “You saved my life!” when she jumps in my lap.)

New books from my friend L! Every time she goes through her homeschooling books and gets rid of things, it’s like a holiday around here. I took home two giant boxes of goodies this week and we have all kinds of things, from teen horror novels to a zombie geography curriculum. So fun!

Joking with my best friends S, M and C about inappropriate stuff on messenger. We were all in tears last night.

Air conditioning. Amirite? Poor Indy’s been overheating at work while they work on theirs.

An hour and a half of quiet journaling time at the nature center each day. It’s been lovely. I’ve written, drawn some of the animals I’ve seen and just enjoyed observing.

Trying new places. Indy and I haven’t spent much this week between all of our free vouchers and a very generous gift card from friends, but we have been able to try Pretzel Boys, Jason’s Deli and Tucano’s. All were awesome but we agreed that Tucano’s was our favorite.

What are you loving this week?


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