Favorite Poems of All Time

Here’s a clue: mine has goblins in it. What’s your favorite?

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Favorite Poems of All Time

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Tell us you have lots of money to waste without giving a damn about humanity without telling us you have lots of money to waste without giving a damn about humanity.

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The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

planning and finalizing birthday parties, travel arrangements, Halloween festivities, archery training, work schedules and more

loving the craftiness that Wood Sprite and I are getting up to at nighttime. This week we’re doing a coloring challenge with Amy Cesari

walking while reading comic books. This week I’ve read a bunch of Stranger Things comics, Bloom and more Scooby-Do: Apocalypse.

writing all the words. I’m hoping to get caught up and take almost a week off, which I haven’t done since 2009.

geeking out over Gwendolyn Christie as Lucifer in the upcoming Sandman production. If Netflix can get it together I might even watch it. Not a big fan of the hairstyle they chose for her (she’s so cute without that, and Lucifer’s actual hair is more like her real hair…) but she’s SO much more like the Lucifer of the comics than the TV show. I can’t wait to see who they cast as my favorite, Mazikeen.

battling major eye fatigue, among other issues, and seeing my doctor to try and treat them

decluttering something on the daily

unable to watch anything. Seriously. I had one night with no one home, tried to find something, and was too overwhelmed. This is why I don’t watch TV. There are too many interesting-looking shows!

putting The Goonies and Paranorman on for background noise because movies and shows I’ve already seen don’t count.

loving my Venus flytraps (Harley, Pamela and Selena) SO much. They’re thriving much better than my pitcher plant.

celebrating Wood Sprite’s birthday with tacos and presents. Sixteen is coming tomorrow!

flailing to talk about myself in classes and a speech. Give me any topic but that and I’ll do it extemporaneously! I think it’s harder lately because I’m going through so many transitions myself that I want to say, “I USED to do x,y and z but NOW…” And I don’t even know the answer to that often. And that’s okay.

wearing Sugar and Spite’s Speak of the Devil and wishing anything with clove didn’t change to straight clove on me. Thanks, body chemistry! This scent is SO beautiful for five seconds before it dries. Maybe a spray would work instead.

taking Mogwai and Wood Sprite to pick pumpkins and to the History Museum. We have Mogwai (who will be five this month!) on Thursdays and enjoy our adventures with her. We almost always try to fit in ice cream. Yes, I’m that aunt.

What are you up to?