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The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

loving this spring weather

planting seeds way too early (into the greenhouse they will go!)

acclimating the chicks to the old flock. We’ve never had a whole flock of chicks A. completely survive and B. all be female so this is a very exciting flock! They all have such cool personalities.

training for another lobby day

listening to Pumpkin and Gizmo argue over the gaming chair (which was my office chair 15 years ago before Wood Sprite was born!). Gizmo, AKA The Sloppy Cuddler, won, of course. Grit wins over grace when it comes to cats.

delivering goodies, including her favorite cake from our local bakery, for my mom’s birthday

feeling super stoked about the Fortune Cookie Soap Create Your Own oil event. I saved up a ton of points just for this!

pet-sitting. Well, I’ll be done by the time this is posted. The puppo is very cute!

council training and looking for a shirt for my logo embroidering

LOVING my new office plants. Indy bought me ivy, succulents and bonsai trees. I potted them all and used all of my soil with my seeds before remembering that I’d bought it to re-pot my poor cramped aloe in the first place!

arguing with Charlie, this year’s kitchen spider. She keeps going past the boundaries I set her. I’m stoked that she wants to eat bugs in the window but not that she wants to extend her web to the faucet.

listening to a lot of classic rock and Irish playlists on Spotify. I love making my own playlists and have one for everything, but I really enjoy perusing other peoples’ playlists, too.

reading Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating (which I mostly loved, until the end), A Boy, a Mole, a Fox and a Horse (it’s lovely–get a copy for everyone on their birthdays!), and Enjoy the View (which I may or may not finish; I love the lead guy but it’s just boring and I’m about a quarter of the way in)

burning a gorgeous Serpent and Flame candle. They’re my favorite. I have a new favorite wax, too: Dark Candles. Holy. Cow. The little patchouli tart I bought has kept its scent for almost four days now and my living room smells so sexy.

making my own pink drinks at home, which tend to be purple due to the almond milk. I like to experiment with other flavors. Also, tea… I probably have over 100 varieties of tea in the kitchen at this point. Right now I have my daily calendula brewing (which is literally just the petals I steep, with some True Lemon and stevia added–this makes a wonderful iced lemonade, by the way) along with a cup of Bog Witch.

trying to drink more water, which means I’m filling my giant Pennywise mug every time I make a coffee or tea. The colder it is, the more likely I am to drink it!

discovering the brightness of my overhead light in virtual meetings. Whoops! Hopefully the lighting around my desk, some of which hasn’t been delivered yet, will be an improvement

trying out another math program with the kiddo. Hopefully this will be a winner!

watching The Closer while I write (not a good idea–she draws me in way too much), catching up on Prodigal Son (which was only one episode in weeks due to breaks, apparently) and finally seeing Soul with the family. It was good, but a very familiar story. Indy and I also watched Hellboy: The Dark. Meh. I’d love to see the final installment of Del Toro’s story but we all know that’s not going to happen. 😦

painting a giant mirror and plastic snakes (black and silver, respectively). This Slytherin mirror will hang in my office once dry.

grabbing random things out of Wood Sprite’s room during de-cluttering. The kid loves to get rid of things as much as I do, but fails to ask if I want, say, the Totoro figure said kid begged me for that was once mine… Wash, rinse, repeat.

Finishing staining the deck. It’s looking good! My glutes are killing me. Next up: the front shutters, lattice and mailbox. My sunburn isn’t bad after some ACV but it’s still a bit stiff.

still enjoying my progressive muscle training. I cleared a wall for some yoga stretches but didn’t really leave much room for my mat, let alone myself.

seeing how much space I didn’t make getting rid of seven boxes of books! Man. I thought I’d be able to make my shelves look more roomy but they are as packed as ever.

What are you up to?