Things I Love Thursday

KIMG00641After a few days that were more hectic than they should have been due to illness, arguments, stress and worry, today was a much-needed, low-key treat. Wood Sprite and I read together, did some math, hung out with Indy before work, pickled some vegetables and just had a really nice day. And as boring as nice sounds, man, was it… nice! Next month we have something going on almost every single day, so this unwinding time is especially critical for us.

Other things I am loving this week are…

Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales

Brene Brown

Listening to old CDs with Wood Sprite

My zombie cup

Daily Burn–especially the 365 kickboxing days!

What are you loving this week?


Tuesday Currents

Took a trip to the Boeing Prologue Room earlier this month. Pretty cool place!
Took a trip to the Boeing Prologue Room earlier this month. Pretty cool place!

If you are feeling tired, bummed out, under the weather or just bleh, as I have been feeling this week, here is a list of things you can try to help you feel better. Here are some more. Do them. Or not. I could use some sunshine; how about you? I don’t mind winter weather in, you know, WINTER. But sun and snow can work together sometimes!

Rocking to… Garth Brooks, In Pieces


Drinking… Coffee

ReadingThe Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

Writing… Seattle Sports Insider articles, chat tests, guest blogs, book promos, epic e-mails, short stories… Yeah, pretty much the same stuff!


Planning… House repair days around our spring semester classes and events

Making… Planner changes. Next year, I am using a daily, not a weekly.

Wanting… to feel sane. There have been so many tiny things going wrong, along with one bigger thing, that it feels like a huge conspiracy against me. Which is ridiculous. Right?

Monday’s Music

Here’s some seriously motivational music to get your Monday morning off to a great start! This month, I’ve been doing two workouts a day and eating low-carb, and I could really use an 80s power anthem like this one! 😉

Aside from my fitness stuff, this week we are going to a film class, selling cookies, going to the History Museum with Scouts, heading to a car show and lots of other fun things. Knowing this, I also know I need to stay on top of everything this week! What are you up to?