Fostering a Sense of Worth in Our Daughters

It’s up to us to ensure they develop one, and keep it for life.

Fostering a Sense of Worth in Our Daughters

Terrifying Health News for 2012

Single Man Talk
Gulliver’s Travels Wasn’t That Bad

Politic Bites
Groundhog’s Day is a Pompous, Old White Guy Holiday

Gov Tally
Warm Winters are Not Cool


Don’t Bother with Zookeeper

Really. Just go to the zoo. Or schedule yourself a root canal.

Don’t Bother with Zookeeper

League of Children’s Service Voters
Funnix for Free

Homophobic Voters League
Only Homos Can Get AIDS!

Vermont Single
Bodily Function Rules of Dating

Single Father Talk
Just Because It’s There Doesn’t Mean You Have to Use It

Care to Be Brave?

Take the Be Brave challenge below throughout the month of February.

Living to Do
Do Something Brave This Month

Anti Cancer Voters League
Stand with Planned Parenthood

Anti Takings Voters
Eat, I Mean Tax, the Rich

Dietetic Products
I Don’t Want Your Dieting Advice

League of Homophobic Voters
One Million Moms Say, “Fire Ellen!”

Things I Love Thursday

This week, I’m loving…

Being married for five years as of today! Though we’ve been together for 16 years total (17 in June!), of course.      Wood Sprite’s adorable missing teeth. The first one came out easily a couple of weeks ago, but the second one gave us a lot of trouble over the past couple of days. I have to stop myself from cracking up when I hear her delightful “S” sounds!      Making glitter snow paint with Wood Sprite      Family game night, including a delicious homemade dinner courtesy of my aunt     Celebrating Chinese New Year with WS, including masks, games, books, and a dragon puppet      Watching Supernatural on Friday with my husband while my mom took Wood Sprite for an overnight     reading Fablehaven out loud together as a family      WS’s cool inventions, such as her “bat finder” headband      Streaming Law and Order: SVU while I work  

Changes to Hunger Games Characters

We can’t expect films to be 100% true to their books, but how do you feel about the following changes to The Hungers Games adaptation?

Charlotte Book Club
Hunger Games Adaptation to Be Altered

Austin Single
No-No First Date Meals

Arkansas Single
Get Lost in Your City

Charlotte Single
Promising a Child is Not a Sexual Strategy

Chicago Single
No, You Don’t Love Your Pets Like I Love My Kid