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Care to Be Brave?

Take the Be Brave challenge below throughout the month of February.

Living to Do
Do Something Brave This Month

Anti Cancer Voters League
Stand with Planned Parenthood

Anti Takings Voters
Eat, I Mean Tax, the Rich

Dietetic Products
I Don’t Want Your Dieting Advice

League of Homophobic Voters
One Million Moms Say, “Fire Ellen!”

It’s Advent Time!

Here’s a photo of our advent calendar for this Christmas, as well as some suggestions below for making your own.

Christmas Report
Make a Christmas Advent Calendar

Retail Job Market
Interview with Retail Worker on Black Friday

Whale City
Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Marine Creatures

League of Homophobic Voters
Ron Paul is a Racist Homophobe

Web Week
Presenting the Human Marvels