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The Tuesday Currents

Morticia likes this post.
Morticia likes this post.


Rocking to… Mary Lambert

Drinking… sparkling water

Reading… Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears… as I can get to it, which is maybe one story every three days! It’s just been super busy around here. And I ABHOR that term.

Writing… Seattle Sports Insider articles, Q&A articles, chat tests

Watching… nada

Planning… A billion Halloween festivities this week, so I’m trying to get my work all finished before Thursday!

Making… costumes. I’ve been Ginny Weasley, Morticia Addams, the Wicked Witch of the West, Gamora, Fiona from Shrek… lots of others.

Wanting… to manage this schedule once and for all! No car after 2:00. Why is this so hard to organize around?

Monday’s Music

This week’s song is my newest favorite: Mary Lambert’s “Secrets.”

Today is going to be an easygoing, slow one at home before the storm! We have a week of Halloween plans including a concert, four library events, the Science Center, Fright Fest, trick-or-treating and pumpkin picking–all in addition to our usual book club, Girl Scouts, the orthodontist… What are your plans for the week?

Happy Halloween!

Things I Love Thursday

cleo and dead riding hoodWhat are you loving this week? For me, it’s…

Leaving the windows open in fall! Holy cow, I’ve missed this. Thank you, Flonase!

Root vegetables. Every fall. They never fail to comfort.

Chatting with friends. I’ve become rather isolated lately due to our schedule and lack of car for half the day and it’s nice to still be able to connect.

Wood Sprite being 10. I love it and I hate it and it’s overwhelming and lovely.

My new sports writing project.

Everything Star Wars. Everything comics! Man, if I were a kid today, I can only imagine how different it would be for me. Who knew that it would one day be “cool” to be a geek?

My latest book! It will be out later this year.

Dressing up every day for Halloween. It’s been a blast!