Weekend Fun

Who couldn’t use some? I’m swimming in projects this weekend, but I do hope to do a couple of these fun things sometime…

Friday Fun: Nail art, Lego activities, collage shrines and more.
Plus some freebie fun near you!

Saturday Steals and Reviews: Free American history timeline of films

Plus a YA lit for lovers of spooky romance.

The Chronicles of Prydain: The next big movie series!
Or, at least, they should be.

Don’t take your little kid to see movies
It’s not even fun for him, so why do it?

Lazy Sunday fun
Don’t feel like leaving the house? Try one of these activities.

Go-getter Sunday Activities
Restless? Get out of the house and have some fun with your family.


The Desk of an Unschooler

desk1An unschooler’s desk
With permission, here is a bit of what Wood Sprite’s working on.

The miscarriage underground
It seems like every aspect of parenting comes with a hidden subculture that you never hear about—until you’re a part of it.

Monday Medley: Free Kindle books for unschoolers and homeschoolers
Plus TED Talks, health tricks and Crash Course videos.

Parenting meme
Share your philosophies on parenting, hobbies and favorite things.

Tasty Tuesday: Lemon Icebox Pie
Plus cinnamon sugar bread, workout snacks and more.

What’s Happening Wed: What not to say to an adoptive parent
Plus tiger parenting studies and annoying homeschool questions.

How to Survive a Miscarriage

How to Survive a Miscarriage
When joy shatters into shards of sorrow in a matter of minutes

Recalls, killer toddlers and more bad news
Whatever happened to playing with sticks and napping with mom?

Saturday Steals: Free books
Plus Redbox codes, marker deals and more.

Movie reviews: Oz, Beautiful Creatures and more
None of these are particularly kid-friendly, but teens will have fun with some of them.

Book Reviews: Strong female leads
Teens and tweens will enjoy these books.

Stop texting and enjoy your kid
Other multi-tasking issues also apply.

Pesticide in your tea?

monster footCelestial Seasonings: High in pesticide
New study finds that the tea’s levels exceed federal limits.

Think It Over Thurs: Things to Stop Saying to Kids
Which do you agree with?

Tasty Finds: Grilled cheese rolls
Who doesn’t love grilled cheese?

Friday Fun: Color-changing animals
Plus making willow whistles, lemonade sugar scrub and more.

How am I supposed to explain that to my child?
No, not that one. That’s easy. I mean the thousands of other things I don’t want to talk about.

Week Mashup: Amanda Bynes, Marissa Mayer & More
Here are a few things happening this week.

Homeschool Freebies, DIY Projects & More

Saturday Steals: Free Sparkle Story
Plus free 4th of July activities, homeschool report cards & more.

Make some raspberry peach lemonade
Plus salted whiskey caramels, superfoods and more

Pre-eclamsia Prevention
Share your tips and check out the ones below.

DIY Sunday
Looking for some cool projects? Repel fries, make vertical planters and more.

More great Father’s Day ideas
Need a last-minute gift? Here are some fun ideas.

Weekday Fun
Celebrate Summer Solstice, try watercolor pencils and make a walnut shell flotilla.

Making good art…

makegoodart…is the best form of therapy I know.

Make Good Art
Is that not the best advice, ever?

Hold Your Children Close
And mend those broken bonds while you’re at it.

What’s Happening Wednesday: The grossest thing you’ll read all week
Hint: It’s about what you eat. I apologize in advance.

Think It Over Thurs: Ballgame Bullies
Are you a Little League lunatic?

Dragon-Guarded Treasure
The protective labyrinth of the female anatomy is unbelievable.

Friday Fun: Marshmallow shooters!
Plus 3D picture frames, making a frabjous, paper wreaths and more.

New All-Women X-Men Team

awesome mexican salamander!Geekin’ Out: An all-female X-team
What do you think?

What’s Happening Wed: The worst teacher
Plus dolphin news, eating bugs and studies about moms who work.

Friday Fun: Make your life a million times better
Plus cool animal stories, how to make a hanging tree house and more

Think It Over: Do kids need a parent at home?
Not that it has to be a female parent, as Fox News maintains…

Family Media: Two fun films
Check out “Escape From Planet Earth” and “Monster in Paris” if you have the chance.

Saturday Steals: Make your own minifigs
Plus math freebies, summer reading camp, Tide deals and more.

Sunday is Artzooka Day!

Look at the pretty mermaid scales! They are PROOOOOF!!!
Look at the pretty mermaid scales! They are solid PROOOOOF!!!

As of… two Sundays ago. Now, it’s official!

Artzooka Day!
Sundays in La Casa Schmidt are now Artzooka Days.

A Day in the Life of an Unschooler
Every day is different. Here’s just one example.

Monday Medley: Benefits of spirulina, psychotherapy news
Plus how to get rid of ants and one toddler’s plea for vegetarianism

Making Mondays Magical
I highly recommend following A Magical Childhood!

Look at my pretty mermaid scales!
I found them next to a beached whale during a Navy sonar exercise…

Tasty Tuesdays: Ruby Tuesday swaps
Plus pickled veggies and alternative uses for coffee.

Father’s Day Ideas

Saturday Steals: Father’s Day deals

Plus strawberry picking game freebie, free geography resources and BOGO Jamba Juice.

Think It Over Thurs: Would you be happier in a small house?
There are plenty of reasons to answer either way.

Friday Fun: Sculptures, river stone mates & more
Over a 100 fun ideas for the weekend!

Respecting kids’ negative emotions
Share this post with everyone you know.

Mel’s fury, Melissa’s compassion
Do celebrities’ reputations affect your opinion of them?

Share your life hacks
What are your favorite tips for making things easier? Plus over 100 life hacks!