The Tuesday Currents

How can we watch anything with Fuego hogging the remote?
How can we watch anything with Fuego hogging the remote?

Rocking to… AC/DC while Indy plays video games. Feels almost like old times, except that I am blogging instead of playing games with him. And it’s not 2 AM and we’re not ordering a pizza from a college town pizza parlor that delivers that late…

Laughing About… Indy making Cleo the kitten sound like a Republican.

Drinking… Iced tea with stevia, my new go-to drink.

Reading… Diary of a Teenage Girl, Wolverine: Hunting Season, Volume 1, The Year of Learning Dangerously: Adventures in Homeschooling, Hands-Free Mama and Buddhism for Mothers

Writing… WNBA blogs, mattress articles, soccer blogs, hockey blogs, much-needed journal entries and class notes.

Watching… The Good Dinosaur

Planning… a drive-in movie and 4-H activities for the weekend, field trips for Girl Scouts, camps and activities for summer…

Making… doodles and memories, crazy scavenger hunt items, planner changes, new playlists…

Wanting… To be completely caught up so I can take the weekend off with my family!


Monday’s Music

Seasonal transitions and life in general have had me in a dark place lately. Do I really need reasons to feel this down? Much of it has involved lack of self-care, chronic pain, over-scheduling and taking on projects that don’t bring me joy. Yesterday I spent some time journaling, something that I need to do to thrive yet have not had the time to do in ages, and it felt like I could feel myself peeking out again. And this song came on, which always gets me feeling at least a bit better.

During a short nap, I had an incredible dream that made me see a few things that I’ve been missing as well. Yesterday was full of gifts. I can’t say that I’m emotionally in a “better place” just yet, but I can feel a shift, and maybe that’s enough for now.

Here is to a fulfilling week for all of us.