Dear God

Lots of spiritual and/or life-expanding fritter on the fryer today, along with plenty ‘o stuff to wash it down with.

The Movie Center
The New Feel-Good (“Chick Flick”) Movies

Spirituality Bestsellers
Succulent Wild Woman

360 Blog
Using Social Networks for Your Cause

Farm Talk
Help Pass the UFW Bill

Working and Parenting
The Importance of Your Love Life

Living To Do
Dedicate a Period of Your Life to… Something

Children’s Bookclub
Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

Pagan Journey
Solitary Witch

Cat Chat
Trap, Neuter and Return for Feral Cat Day

You Clean
Make a Monthly List
Cleaners, Meet the Fly Lady!

Healthy and Hale
Join the Kick in the Tush Club!

New Baby Gifts
What Every Mother Wants

Campus Report
Things You Really Don’t Need for College

Health Food Talk
Stay Away From Sweets by Playing with Them

Party Games
Free Party Games, Part 6: Bodily Contact!

Animal Report
Cows Committing Suicide

Mortgage News & More

Mortgages and Real Estate: News and Opinion
Google Mortgage Coming to a Browser Near You

Japanese Politics & Culture
Opposition Party Favored in Japanese Elections

Maersk Air – Charter Airline
5 Reaons to Fly

Solidarity House
Senator Kennedy Remembered as a Servant of Peace

Paper Making
Tips for Teaching Paper-Making in the Classroom

Baby Massage
How to Massage an Infant

1000 Dollar Film
How to Get Money for Your Movie
How to Get a Director of Photography

Lots to Read, to Teach, to Do

Lots of things today!

Earth Talk
Go Green or Don’t, Already

Seafood Talk
Support the Recovery of Wild Salmon

Real Book
The New Classics

Spirituality Bestsellers
Why is God Laughing?

Foreign Entertainment
Review: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Living to Do
See (Insert Aweseome, Awe-Inspiring Location) Before I Die

Parenting Report
Environmental Stewardship: The New Family Value

Gray Areas

Do you know what gray water is? If you’re an environmentalist you have to find out below!

360 Blog
Get Involved with Jackson Rathborne’s Cause
Be Kind to Humankind Week

Earth Talk
Blue Planet Film Fest to Hit a Planet Near You
What is Gray Water?

Children’s Bookclub
Ella Enchanted is an Enchanting Read

Healthy and Hale
Add Some Ninja Cancer-Fighting Foods to Your Diet

Pregnancy Nightmares

Share them in the comments of the Parenting Talk article below!

Parenting Report
What’s Your Worst Pregnancy Story?

Craft World
Fun with Stickers

Living to Do
Complete All X of X

Healthy and Hale
Be Kind to Your Spine

Working and Parenting
Parenting Tips They Never Tell You

Jennifer’s Body

Even if I wasn’t hooked on Diablo Cody, I’d see it just because of one line…

Campus Report
Eco-Friendly Dorm Rooms

Dog Report
The Hypocrisy of (Some) Pet Lovers

Death in the Aisle
Who Else is Stoked about Jennifer’s Body?

Dessert Report
Celebrate Marshmallow Day

Healthy and Hale
Fun Ways to Burn Calories

360 Blog
10 Benefits of Volunteering