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Creepy Books and Things Under the Bed

In this case, it was an orange under the bed; but hey, there are much creepier things in some bedrooms…

Baltimore Book Club
Rabbits in the Garden

Pop Music Club
Katy Perry’s Huge Disappointment

You Clean
Surprises in Your Kids’ Rooms

Farm Subsidy Voters
Take Action Today

Drug Specialist
Drug Companies Fined Billions

League of Pro-Life Voters
“I’ve Never Really Thought About That”

Glade Products: Made with Gross Gunk

Ask them to take their nasty ingredients out below.

You Clean
Tell Glade to Quit Gagging Us

School Fest
You Want the Bus Driver to Put His Hands Where?

Politics Report
Getting Divorced? No Sex for You!

Vacation World
Visit Michigan. Or, You Know, Just Live Your Life

Living to Do
Make a Summer Bucket List

Movie Center
Do You Use the Bechdel Test?

God Report
Want to Play Around with Rapture Day?

Parenting Book Club
To Baby or Not to Baby?

Female Talk
Canada’s New Anti-Rape Campaign Puts Responsibility Where It Belongs

Film Industry Trivia
Something Borrowed is Another Mindless, Insulting Movie

Help Save AmeriCorps

Don’t let Congress completely cut this program!

360 Blog
Click to Save AmeriCorps

Spirituality Bestsellers
Fat?So! You Don’t Have to Apologize for Your Size

Romance Book Club
I Sure Hope the Beastly Movie is Better Than the Book

Parenting Report: Homeschooling Primer
You’re a Teacher; You Don’t Get to Hate Students

You Clean
How to Scent Your Home Without Harmful Chemicals

I just want to share this amazing video. It’s so beautiful. As is this video.

Also, our new kitten, River, seems to be in love with Glee. He’s curled up next to me watching it right now with wide eyes. Could I ask for a better companion?

The Academy Awards

As a teen, I never thought of the Oscars as controversial or political; now, it seems as if I can’t think of them as anything but!

Movie Center
Films That Should Have Received Academy Awards

Female Talk
Academy Misogyny in True Grit Nominations

Noir Movie
Sex Abuse in Black Swan

Parenting Report
Nick Jr. Hosts Black History Month

You Clean
The Laundry Workout

Study Shows Cleaning Products May Cause Cancer

No surprise there…

You Clean
A Clean House Isn’t Worth Breast Cancer

Restaurant Talk
National Drive-Thru Day

History Talk
Body of Female Gladiator Discovered

Toxic Waste Cloud
Leo Gallagher is a Bigot, Among Other Things

Pro-Choice Voters
Global Media Awards Accepting Entries

Take Action for Horses and Against Laundry Pumps

How Far Would You Go for Your Simpsons Obsession?

Michael Jackson Talk
MJ’s Bodyguards “Defend the King”

You Clean
The Laundry Pump Conspiracy!

Horse Forum
Give Wild Mustangs a Chance

Education Job Market
Another Brick in the Wall