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Hunger Games Trailer Released!

Click below to see it.

Movie Center
Hunger Games Trailer Released

Thanksgiving Specialties
Create Your Own Thanksgiving Tradition

Craft World
Non-Turkey, Non-Stereotypical Thanksgiving Crafts

Bad Likes
No, I Will Not Like Your Dead Deer Photos


Book Reviews and Commercials

I absolutely love this new insurance commercial, but do guys feel offended by it?

Car Show
State Farm’s Commercial: Hilarious or Hurtful?

Parenting Report
Parents, Listen to That Intuition

Craft World
Go Yarn Bombing

Fun Report
Garfield Goes to Waist

The Thinner Me
Weight Comments Aren’t Compliments

Romantic Report
The Sex Devotional

Romance Book Club
1001 Sexcapades to Do if You Dare

Campus Report
College Students Are Addicted to Media

Educational Book Club
Training Wheels for Teachers

Pagan Journey
Wicca A to Z

Want to Be an Extra in The Hunger Games Movie?

If I lived close enough I would so be all over this!

Rumor Report
Want to Be in The Hunger Games?

Restaurant Talk
Class Act of the Day: Naming Your Restaurant After a Rape Scene

Writer’s Remorse
Don’t Let the Minutiae Kill Your Creativity

Craft World
DIY Toys and Games

Los Angeles Music
Glee Project: Big Fireworks or a Big Flop?

Healthy and Hale
Test Your Cell Phone’s Radiation Levels

Male Voters League
Why is Rep. Weiner Not Being Charged with Harassment?

Chicago School Says No More Lunches From Home

…and parents are naturally furious.

Health Food Talk
Sack Lunches Banned at Chicago School

Pro-Choice Voters
DC Residents “Second Class Citizens”

360 Blog
April is ASPCA Month

Working and Parenting
Free Bowling Games for Kids All Summer Long

Blissful Vows
Husband Appreciation Day is This Saturday

Parenting Book Club
Deschooling Our Lives

Educational Book Club
Dumbing Us Down

Hungry Blogger
April is National Pecan Month

Democrat Talk
DC Mayor, Council Members Arrested for Protesting Budget Deal

Craft World
Easy Easter Crafts for the Whole Family

Cat Cora Joins the Muppets!

I adore Cat Cora, so when I heard that she was joining the Muppets in a new cooking show, I thought it was a pretty nifty idea.

Cookiejar Talk
Cat Cora Joins the Muppets!

Craft World
March is National Craft Month

Slow Cook at the Speed of Light!

Healthy and Hale
12 Free Ways to Be Kind, Live Longer

Folk Music Talk
March is Play the Recorder Talk

Valentine Deals

Check out a few of the deals below to see if there’s something for you and your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

Restaurant Talk
Valentine’s Deals for You and Your Sweetheart

360 Blog
10 Ways to Share the Love This Valentine’s Day

Craft World
10 Valentine’s Activities for Families

Romantic Report
10 Self-Love Activities for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Talk
10 Free Valentine’s Day Activities for Couples

Weight Loss Can Cause Body Poisoning

We never hear about the pitfalls of weight loss, but there really are plenty of them. This teaches us, at the very least, that people should be informed before making drastic lifestyle choices.

Healthy Recovery
Weight Loss Can Lead to Body Poisoning

Parenting Report
Create a Reading Nook

Craft World
10 Snow Crafts to Do This Winter

Fantasy Book Club
Gregor the Overlander

Sci Fi Book Club
Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane

Make a Tree of Thanks and Giving

This is a wonderful activity to do as a family.

Craft World
Make a Tree of Thanks and Giving

Death in the Aisle
John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe: Yay or Nay?

Pittsburgh Job Market
No More Natural Gas Drilling in Pittsburgh

God Report
Exorcisms High in Demand Among Catholics

Yellow Pages: Get Over It

Deep Thoughts, by Jack… Ass?

Do you ever get those thoughts that make you think, “Who the hell am I?”

Hate My Kid
Things I Shouldn’t Think, But Do

Craft World
Review: Family Fun Craft Kits

Parenting Report
Aren’t You Worried About the Socialization?
Aren’t You Worried About the Socialization? Part II
Aren’t You Worried About the Socialization? Part III