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Animal News

Animal Fest
New Dino Discovery

Animal Report
Save Animals From Abusive Zoo

Bird Talk
Care for Some Arsenic in that Chicken?

Cat Talk
Ask Congress to Stand Up For Cougars and Other Wildlife

Dog Report
Are You a Dog Fetishist?

Bulldog Talk
32 Bulldogs Rescued From Dog Fighting Ring

Dalmatian Talk
New Dalmatian for WV Fire Department


Millions of Mummified Dogs in Egypt

This find is oddly fascinating and appalling at the same time…

Dog Report
8 Million Mummified Dogs Found in Egypt

Parenting Report
Botox Mom Loses Daughter

Cosmetic Report
Turn Beauty Inside Out Day

Animal Report
Dolphins to Chat with People Soon

Hate My Kid
Your Group Table is Way More Obnoxious Than My Kid

Hubble Talk
Ancient Nukes on Mars, Earth

God Report
Atheist Bible Now Available

April is Grilled Cheese Month

Craving one yet?

Today’s Special
April is Grilled Cheese Month

Health Food Talk
Culinary Adventure: Try a New Pear

Peace Report
Poverty Tourism: A Disturbing Trend

Writer’s Remorse
I’ll Work From Home, Thanks

Manufacturing Job Market
Interview with Manufacturing Worker

Dog Report
Take Action: Ask the EPA to Stop Poisoning Wild Dogs

Fiction Book Club
Top 10 Frequently Challenged Books in 2010 Released

Atlanta Job Market
Foreign Businesses Set Up Shop in Atlanta

Nashville Flowers
Pretty Native Nashville Blooms

Film Industry Trivia
All 3-D Movies Soon? I Hope Not

Colorado Springs Job Market
10,000 Jobs to Be Available in Loveland

National Farm Animal Day

Below are a few ways to celebrate. Feel free to add your own!

Farm Talk
April 10 is National Farm Animal Day

The Movie Center
Russell Brand Makes a Cute Bunny

Cher Music
Song of the Day: “Song for the Lonely”

Pro-Choice Voters
Incorporate Your Uterus

Peace Report
Primates for Peace

Healthy and Hale
Women May Not Be As Weight Obsessed as We’re Rumored to Be

Science Report
New Particle Discovered?

Dog Report
Do Dogs Prefer Men?

Bird Talk
Penguins Mysteriously Losing Feathers

St. Patrick’s Activities for Families

Here are some ideas for families, particularly with young children.

Working and Parenting
St. Patty’s Activities for Families

Parenting Report
Modern Family: Way More Dysfunctional Than Your Family

Pagan Journey
Sam and Dean Go After the Witches

Science Book Club
DK Pocket Gemstones

Dog Report
Wow, Dogs Are High Maintenance

Wanna See Jake Gyllenhaal in His Underwear?

Then take a ride on the New York subway system this week!

Transportation Job Market
Jake Gyllenhaal Half-Naked This Week

Dog Report
Caring for a New Puppy

Gadgetry Report
Mr. Rogers = How It’s Made for Kids

Flowers Talk
Naked Ladies

360 Blog
January Volunteering

Mix It Up Day is November 9 This Year

Register your school or location for this wonderful diversity, understanding, and friendship activity.

Peace Report
Register for Mix It Up Day on November 9

Dog Report
No Dog (Wild or Not) Deserves to Be Shot by Helicopter

Restaurant Talk
The Great Food Truck Race

Denver Job Market
Free Voter Issue Training

Romance Book Club
Fire Study

And the September 100 Words Challenge is in full swing! Check out my entries and leave a link to yours.

Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong

So that’s my favorite song with the word “eagle” in it. So what? Yours is probably sappier.

Animal Report
June 20 is American Eagle Day

The Hungry Blogger
Strawberry Festivals!

Parenting Report

Dog Report
Stop Experiments on Beagles

360 Blog
Tell Hershey to Stop Using Child Labor

Memorial Day Activities & More

Monday is Memorial Day. To celebrate and remember what the holiday is truly about (other thank backyard cookouts and days off), here is a list of activities you might want to enjoy.

Today’s Special
Monday is Memorial Day

Dog Report
Dog Bite Prevention Week

Whale City
Most Adorable Anti-Whaling Video Ever

IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America
Seeing Through the Public Paradigm

Creative Copy Challenge
Challenge 44, on young love