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It’s Advent Time!

Here’s a photo of our advent calendar for this Christmas, as well as some suggestions below for making your own.

Christmas Report
Make a Christmas Advent Calendar

Retail Job Market
Interview with Retail Worker on Black Friday

Whale City
Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Marine Creatures

League of Homophobic Voters
Ron Paul is a Racist Homophobe

Web Week
Presenting the Human Marvels

Women Dying Faster Than Previous Generations in US

…which is not a very comforting thought, is it?

Female Talk
US Women are Dying Out Faster

Healthy and Hale
Bon Jovi Says Pay What You Can

Morpheme Addict
Another Language to Die Out Soon

Pet in the Pocket
Simple Mouse Care Tips

Turtle City
Keep Turtles Wild

Turtles Forever
Women Arrested for Capturing Wild Turtles

Weird Animal Report
Sheep Gives Birth to a Dog

Whale City
Summer is the Season for Whale Watching

Reverse Trick-or-Treating

Global Exchange has some great ideas about how to spread the word about fair trade chocolate this Halloween. Check them out below.

Chocolate Report
Do Some Reverse Trick-Or-Treating Tomorrow Night

Whale City
Free Willy For Real

Retail Job Market
Ask Gymboree to Stop Child Labor

Today’s Special
November is Native American Heritage Month

Whale City
Despite Findings, We Still Treat Dolphins Like Toys

Memorial Day Activities & More

Monday is Memorial Day. To celebrate and remember what the holiday is truly about (other thank backyard cookouts and days off), here is a list of activities you might want to enjoy.

Today’s Special
Monday is Memorial Day

Dog Report
Dog Bite Prevention Week

Whale City
Most Adorable Anti-Whaling Video Ever

IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America
Seeing Through the Public Paradigm

Creative Copy Challenge
Challenge 44, on young love

Pitbulls, Turtles, and Whales

Lots of ways to take action for the animals today:

Pitbull News
Stop Banning Pit Bulls

Today’s Special
Happy Arbor Day!

Whale City
President Obama, Please Don’t Kill the Whales

Turtle City
Sea Turtles Killed by Fisheries

Vegetarian Talk
Is it Teaching, Force-Feeding, or Necessary?

Healthy and Hale
Sign the Breast Cancer Petition

Campus Report
Humane Society University

Pro-Choice Voters
Help Pass the Global Sexual and Reproductive Health Act

Tree Worshipper
Teens Turning Green

Coupon Clippers Unite

scissorsAin’t nothing wrong with saving some money, people.

Working and Parenting
Update Your Resume Month
September is National Coupon Month

Whale City
Greenpeace Offers Student Activist Training

Weird Animal Report
Freaky Footed Snake Found

Vegetarian Talk
Vegetarian Being Kept Alive with a Pig’s Heart

Turtle City
5 Men Arrested for Blowing Up a Turtle

You Clean
Cut Your Paper Trail with Junkbusters

Gray Areas

Do you know what gray water is? If you’re an environmentalist you have to find out below!

360 Blog
Get Involved with Jackson Rathborne’s Cause
Be Kind to Humankind Week

Earth Talk
Blue Planet Film Fest to Hit a Planet Near You
What is Gray Water?

Children’s Bookclub
Ella Enchanted is an Enchanting Read

Healthy and Hale
Add Some Ninja Cancer-Fighting Foods to Your Diet

“Man, I Love Being a Turtle!”

turtleEvery time we go to rent a movie these days, my daughter wants the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD–which, of course, she calls the “Inchy Turtles.” I’m always so torn–I loved them when I was a kid (maybe it’s genetic?) but after seeing them again, they seem really violent. I’ve settled for keeping them a now-and-then treat, something she can watch every once in a while, but definitely not as much as she watches Curious George or Ni Hao Kai-Lan (both at least weekly!).

Anyway, a great story on turtles today–I was pretty interested in how their shells are formed, and I hope you will be, too.

Turtle City
Turtle Shells Finally Explained

Whale City
Mini Guide to Whale Watching

Horse Forum
Just Say No to Horse Tripping… And Inbreeding

Rental Talk
Should Cities Be Able to Ban Smoking in Apartments?

Earth Talk
July is Smart Irrigation Month

Healthy and Hale
Romano’s Macaroni Grill Majorly Cuts Calories

Romantic Talk
5 Dates for Under 5 Bucks

Party Games
Free Party Games Part 3: Theme Charades

Medicine Report
Easter Island Compound to Extend Human Life?

Car Show
Cars to Be Started By Lasers

Parenting Report
The Only Book You’ll Need for an Entire Summer of Fun

Dog Report
Are You Smarter Than a 2-Year-Old?

Real Book
30 Things Everyone Should Know Before Turning 30

God Report
Gay Bishop Ban Removed?

Living To Do
The Wish List

Spirituality Bestsellers
The Difference a Day Makes

I also just wanted to say thanks so much for reading. Two of my articles, “The Best Paybacks Against Cartman” and “Don’t Mess with Russian Girls,” were the top-accessed articles last week, which makes me super happy (as Kai-Lan would say)! I really appreciate your readership. 🙂