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On Praise and Love

How thick do you lay it on?

Parenting Report
Praise the Children!

New Orleans Book Club
Character Casting: Mags

Long Beach Book Club
Your Pick for Annie Cresta

League of Anti-Tax Voters
Here’s Where Your Tax Dollars Go

Single Father Talk
Tell Your Child “I Love You”


Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are a bunch of cheap and easy Halloween costumes for you to consider.

Good Company
Start a Club

Health Food Talk
Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Clothes Report
10 Halloween Costumes Based on a Pink Shirt

Halloween Talk
10 Costumes Based on a Yellow Shirt

Parenting Report
10 Adorable Homemade Toddler Costumes

Father Spanks Daughter to Death

This story is just too tragic to even think about. I wish parents could see how much harm is in spanking, whether the immediate results are this harmful or not.

Spirituality in the 21st Century
Father Spanks Daughter to Death

Parenting Report
Using Your Parents As an Excuse Just Doesn’t Work

Romantic Report
Love and Other Drugs is Neither Very Lovey Nor Druggie

Objectors US
West Memphis Three Set Free by Weird Law

Single Woman Talk
Why Do Men Name Objects After Women?

Denver Music
Song of the Day: “Evil Ways”
Song of the Day: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”

Stop Bear Bile Farming

Read the tragic story of a mother bear and her cub below, then take action to stop this violent practice.

Animal Fest
Mother Bear Kills Cub, Commits Suicide to Avoid Torture

Adventure Book Club
Who Should Play Finnick and Johanna?

Healthcare Job Market
Doctors Advise How to Discuss Having an STD

Dance Talk
Way to Conform, Ryan Murphy

Parenting Report
Don’t Put Your Parenting Assumptions on Me!

Denver Music
Song of the Day: “Pour Some Sugar on Me”

How to Homeschool for (Nearly) Free

I’ve had several friends ask me about this, so I thought I’d make a handy-dandy guide. This two-part article, which is very St. Louis-centric, is full of links, so get ready to fill your Favorites!

Parenting Report
How to Homeschool in Missouri for (Pretty Much) Free, Part 1
How to Homeschool in Missouri for (Pretty Much) Free, Part 2

Hate My Kid
Yeah, You’re Not a Mother

Female Talk
Why Do People Always Want to Touch Natural Black Hair?

Don’t Ban Kids From Restaurants

It’s not just not nice; it’s discriminatory.

Restaurant Talk
Banning Kids From Restaurants is Prejudicial and Unfair

Parenting Report
Families Suffer While the State Decides What is Best for Their Children

Parenting Book Club
Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun, Part 1
Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun, Part 2

Model Talk
Aveda Wants Us To Ask for Real Women Models

Biography Book Club
You’ll Probably Buy Casey Anthony’s Book

Good Drinking
Makin’ Butterbeer

History Talk
Lost Continent Sinks Beneath Ocean

Book Reviews and Commercials

I absolutely love this new insurance commercial, but do guys feel offended by it?

Car Show
State Farm’s Commercial: Hilarious or Hurtful?

Parenting Report
Parents, Listen to That Intuition

Craft World
Go Yarn Bombing

Fun Report
Garfield Goes to Waist

The Thinner Me
Weight Comments Aren’t Compliments

Romantic Report
The Sex Devotional

Romance Book Club
1001 Sexcapades to Do if You Dare

Campus Report
College Students Are Addicted to Media

Educational Book Club
Training Wheels for Teachers

Pagan Journey
Wicca A to Z

13 Ways Cicadas are Like Men

This is just a joke, guys! It’s actually a product of some goofy thoughts my best friend and I had the other day.

Single Women Talk
13 Ways Men are Like Cicadas

X-Men: First Class Takes Us Back Full Circle

Pet in the Pocket
Rats on the Runway

Fun Report
Best Prank Ever, or Most Scarred Kid for Life?

Adventure Book Club
YA Saves

Parenting Report
How Do You Know She’s Learning?

Grow a Garden to Help Feed the Homeless

What a fantastic idea!

Farm Talk
Grow a Garden to Feed the Homeless

Health Food Talk
Kidfresh: Healthy Frozen Meals for Kids

Parenting Report
Six Year Olds Should Dress Like They’re Six, Not Sixteen

Female Talk
Girl Scouts: A Bunch of Abortionist Feminazi Crazies

Fantasy Book Club
The Sisters Grimm: A Fantastic YA Series

Millions of Mummified Dogs in Egypt

This find is oddly fascinating and appalling at the same time…

Dog Report
8 Million Mummified Dogs Found in Egypt

Parenting Report
Botox Mom Loses Daughter

Cosmetic Report
Turn Beauty Inside Out Day

Animal Report
Dolphins to Chat with People Soon

Hate My Kid
Your Group Table is Way More Obnoxious Than My Kid

Hubble Talk
Ancient Nukes on Mars, Earth

God Report
Atheist Bible Now Available