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Drawing, Cooking, Shining

…or simply focusing on the good…

Spirituality Bestsellers
Take the Shine Challenge

Cooking Northwest
They Draw and Cook

Cooking Report
Craving Comfort

League of Church and State Voters
Amendment 2 Passes in Missouri

Church and State Voters
“Evangelist” Does Not Mean “Of Interest to Homeschoolers”

November Love Drop

Help send a mother battling cancer for the third time on a vacation to remember with her family!

360 Blog
November Love Drop: Marci, The Cancer Fighter

Christmas Report
Kids Don’t Need Fake Toys

Picture Book Club
Sally and the Some-Thing

Spirituality Bestsellers
Issues with The Secret

So Much for the “Greenest Olympics Ever”

The 2014 Olympics are already turning out to be pretty darn wasteful.

2014 Winter Games
So Much for Green Olympics

Today’s Special
March is Music in Our Schools Month

Animal Book Club
“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” Said the Sloth

Children’s Book Club
I Will Kiss You (Lots and Lots)

Spirituality Bestsellers
Zen Ties

Help Save AmeriCorps

Don’t let Congress completely cut this program!

360 Blog
Click to Save AmeriCorps

Spirituality Bestsellers
Fat?So! You Don’t Have to Apologize for Your Size

Romance Book Club
I Sure Hope the Beastly Movie is Better Than the Book

Parenting Report: Homeschooling Primer
You’re a Teacher; You Don’t Get to Hate Students

You Clean
How to Scent Your Home Without Harmful Chemicals

I just want to share this amazing video. It’s so beautiful. As is this video.

Also, our new kitten, River, seems to be in love with Glee. He’s curled up next to me watching it right now with wide eyes. Could I ask for a better companion?

The Adventures of Leven Thumps Continue

Though I’m not as in love with this series as I am with The Hunger Games and Fablehaven, it remains an original, incredible adventure unlike any other you’ve ever read. I highly recommend Leven Thumps to any fantasy/adventure lover.

Adventure Book Club

Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret

Medicine Report
Medical Films: Extraordinary Measures

Spirituality Bestsellers
The Little Prince

Recreation Book Club
How Flowers Grow

Just Call Me a Gleek

Give Life-Saving Malaria Nets for Christmas

If you’re trying to buy gifts for that impossible person or you just want to give a holiday donation, consider donating to this life-saving cause and being a hero for the holidays. MandyMoore is doing it and so am I!

360 Blog
I’m with Mandy

Houston Flowers
Flesh Eating Plants of Texas!

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The Brave Girls Club

Parenting Report
Welcome to the Homeschooling Page

Skin Cancer and Shelter Cats

June is Cancer From the Sun Month as well as Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. So why not slather on some sunscreen, kick the tanning bed habit, and adopt a new cat or kitten? Read more about these issues and others below.

Cosmetic Report
Skin Cancer Isn’t Sexy

Cat Talk
10 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat

Spirituality Bestsellers
The Nine Modern Day Muses

Female Talk
Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media Promotes Gender Equality in Hollywood

Adventure Book Club
The Red Pyramid