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Do Lobsters Really Have to Be Cooked Alive?

What kind of sick puppies are we anyway to cook our food alive? Most carnivores have the decency to put their kills out of their misery first.

Seafood Talk
Why Do Lobsters Have to Be Boiled Alive?

Beer Report
Searching for a Good Flavored Beer

Chocolate Report
Take Dad to the Melting Pot

Cooking Badly
Raw Onions as a Snack

The Thinner Me
Reclaiming the F Word

Latte Talk
Iced Coffee Makers! Squee!

Good Drinking
Armadillo Punch

Champagne Report
Attend a Champagne Tasting

Cookiejar Talk
Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Human Trafficking Law Passed in Georgia

Hey America, let’s all pass this legislation, shall we?

Politics Report
Georgia Passes Human Trafficking Law

Single Woman Talk
Terminology and Misogyny

Healthy Recovery
Porn Industry Targets Women with Anorexia

Parenting Report
Make it a Meaningful Mother’s Day

El Paso Flowers
West Texas Succulents Should Be Nursery Bought

Seafood Talk
Fisherman to Be Paid to Catch Trash

How to Help Feral Cats

Here are a couple of how-to guides, including how to set a trap and how to build a rescue kit.

Animal Report
Make an Animal Rescue Kit

Seafood Talk
We’re Eating Too Many Fish

Living to Do
Pass a No Trespassing Sign

Campus Report
Having An X Degree Does Not Make You An X

Movie Center
Surprise! Rango is Same Old, Same Old

National Literacy Day

Here’s a quick list of easy things you can do to help promote literacy.

360 Blog
Spread the Literacy

Air Force Talk
Westboro Baptist Church Brings Hate to Our Communities

Vegetarian Talk
I Love Food Network, But…

Seafood Talk
“Dancing Shrimp”: A Macabre Delicacy

Pagan Journey
Celebrating Mabon


My husband calls it “Lamebook.” The husband of a friend of mine calls it “Bitchbook.” I’ve recently decided that, if anything, Facebook could be called “Hatebook.”

Hate groups are sprouting up on the site like dandelions, and it’s making me want to visit the site less and less. Several friends have left the site already; if not for a few benefits of the site, I would be packing my bags by now, too.

Peace Report
Hope in Times of Great Hate

Animal Report
Save the Asiatic Black Bear From Bile Farming

Seafood Talk
Save the Sea Lions

Vote Yes on Prop A

Help the citizens of St. Louis travel to work (and elsewhere) each day by voting yes on Prop A next Tuesday. To find out more, please read below.

Transportation Job Market
Prop A to Effect St. Louis Transportation Jobs

Campus Report
Student Labor Action Week

Construction Job Market
If Jesus Were Alive, He’d Be Laid Off

Seafood Talk
Trader Joe’s Gets a Little Greener

Green Voters League
Help Protect Disappearing Coral

And here’s Creative Copy Challenge #27. I hope you’re enjoying these and planning to take part!

Quick But Meaningful Activism

If you can, spare a few moments from your day to take action on the following items.

Earth Talk
Earth Hour 2010

Seafood Talk
Support Sustainable Farm Fishing

Turtle City
Save Turtle Habitat!

360 Blog
Help Save the Panther

Farm Talk
Tell the EPA to Tell the Truth About Pesticides

Vegetarian Talk
Support More Veggie Options at Kauffman Stadium