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Do Lobsters Really Have to Be Cooked Alive?

What kind of sick puppies are we anyway to cook our food alive? Most carnivores have the decency to put their kills out of their misery first.

Seafood Talk
Why Do Lobsters Have to Be Boiled Alive?

Beer Report
Searching for a Good Flavored Beer

Chocolate Report
Take Dad to the Melting Pot

Cooking Badly
Raw Onions as a Snack

The Thinner Me
Reclaiming the F Word

Latte Talk
Iced Coffee Makers! Squee!

Good Drinking
Armadillo Punch

Champagne Report
Attend a Champagne Tasting

Cookiejar Talk
Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Songs of the Day

Enjoy listening to these songs from yesteryear; most are even work appropriate!

That 90s Blog
90s Song of the Day: “I Want You”

The Beatles Talk
Beatles Song of the Day: “Strawberry Fields Forever”

That 80s Blog
Song of the Day: “Time After Time”

That 60s Blog
Song of the Day: “Green Onions”

That 70s Blog
Song of the Day: “Smoke on the Water”

Latte Talk
Have You Tried Boba Tea?

Strange Somethings
First Gay Caveman Discovered?

Caffeine Awareness Month

March is National Caffeine Awareness Month. Check out the activities below if you’d like to celebrate!

Latte Talk
Experiments for National Caffeine Awareness Month

Green Voters League
Earth Hour is March 26

Today’s Special
World Water Day is March 22

Republican Voters League
People From Southeast Kansas Must Be Homicidal Maniacs

Cosmetic Report
Wal-Mart Peddles Makeup to 8-Year-Olds


Remember that version of Alice in Wonderland where the Mock Turtle (Gene Wilder) goes on and on about soup? Dude, I get you. And though I wouldn’t want my house to smell like soup every day, I sure wouldn’t mind during these cold winter months.

The Hungry Blogger
January is National Soup Month
Bread Baking Month

Healthy and Hale
Fat Free Living Month

Latte Talke
National Hot Tea Month
National Gourmet Coffee Month

Barbie in Disguise

brussel sproutAre there times when Barbie isn’t really Barbie, or is she always the plastic, soul-sucking succubus we all know and despise?

Barbie Fest
When Barbie Isn’t a Barbie

Health Food Talk
Natural Detoxifying Herbs and Foods

Animal Report
Take Action for Dolphins, See The Cove

Campus Report
Save Money on Your Textbooks

Latte Talk
Top 10 Weird Coffee Flavors

Freaky Phenomena
Giant Meat-Eating Plant Wants You For Breakfast

Cosmetics Report
I Want to Look Like Bella!