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Toxins in Your Natural Cleaners

Sigh. Yes, they contain them. Read below to find out which ones, how to demand that products be properly labeled, and how to make your own natural cleaners at home.

League of Anti-Toxin Voters
Study Confirms “Natural” Cleaning Products are Toxic

Health Food Talk
Congress Fights Food Changes in Schools

People with High IQs More Likely to Use Drugs


Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are a bunch of cheap and easy Halloween costumes for you to consider.

Good Company
Start a Club

Health Food Talk
Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Clothes Report
10 Halloween Costumes Based on a Pink Shirt

Halloween Talk
10 Costumes Based on a Yellow Shirt

Parenting Report
10 Adorable Homemade Toddler Costumes

The Truth About Orange Juice

A friend passed this disturbing information along today, and I’m pretty bummed because I’m a big OJ drinker.

Health Food Talk
The Truth About Orange Juice

Denver Music
Song of the Day: “The Galway Girl”

Romantic Talk
Don’t Bother With Life As We Know It

Fiction Book Club
Push: A Novel By Sapphire

Gadgetry Report
How to Power Wash a Deck

Fantasy Book Club
Fire Within Leaves Much to Be Desired

Romance Book Club
Stargirl is an Adorable Read

American Girl Talk
Fun, Free, American Girl Crafts at Michael’s The Knack

Grow a Garden to Help Feed the Homeless

What a fantastic idea!

Farm Talk
Grow a Garden to Feed the Homeless

Health Food Talk
Kidfresh: Healthy Frozen Meals for Kids

Parenting Report
Six Year Olds Should Dress Like They’re Six, Not Sixteen

Female Talk
Girl Scouts: A Bunch of Abortionist Feminazi Crazies

Fantasy Book Club
The Sisters Grimm: A Fantastic YA Series

April is Grilled Cheese Month

Craving one yet?

Today’s Special
April is Grilled Cheese Month

Health Food Talk
Culinary Adventure: Try a New Pear

Peace Report
Poverty Tourism: A Disturbing Trend

Writer’s Remorse
I’ll Work From Home, Thanks

Manufacturing Job Market
Interview with Manufacturing Worker

Dog Report
Take Action: Ask the EPA to Stop Poisoning Wild Dogs

Fiction Book Club
Top 10 Frequently Challenged Books in 2010 Released

Atlanta Job Market
Foreign Businesses Set Up Shop in Atlanta

Nashville Flowers
Pretty Native Nashville Blooms

Film Industry Trivia
All 3-D Movies Soon? I Hope Not

Colorado Springs Job Market
10,000 Jobs to Be Available in Loveland

Chicago School Says No More Lunches From Home

…and parents are naturally furious.

Health Food Talk
Sack Lunches Banned at Chicago School

Pro-Choice Voters
DC Residents “Second Class Citizens”

360 Blog
April is ASPCA Month

Working and Parenting
Free Bowling Games for Kids All Summer Long

Blissful Vows
Husband Appreciation Day is This Saturday

Parenting Book Club
Deschooling Our Lives

Educational Book Club
Dumbing Us Down

Hungry Blogger
April is National Pecan Month

Democrat Talk
DC Mayor, Council Members Arrested for Protesting Budget Deal

Craft World
Easy Easter Crafts for the Whole Family

Visit Your Local Mom and Pop Place

…where you’re sure to get a memorable, if not amazing, meal.

Living to Do

Culinary Adventure: Visit Your Local Mom and Pop

Animal Report
Take Action: Save Animal Protection Laws

Cher Music
Song of the Day: “If I Could Turn Back Time”

Art Book Club
First Art: Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos

St. Louis Job Market
Stop Missouri Paycheck Deception Bill

Parenting Report
Budget Cuts Threaten Working Families

Car Show
Which New Cars are Efficient and Affordable?

The Beatles Talk
Song of the Day: “I Want to Hold Your Hand”

Country Music Talk
Song of the Day: “Friends in Low Places”

Health Food Talk
Delicious Low-Cal Snack: Apples and Blue Cheese