Love Songs, All Grown Up

skullRevisiting love songs as a mother
“Love Me Tender” has a whole new meaning.

Monday Medley: Marketing motherhood
Plus toddlers and discipline, being charged for screams during delivery and more

Loving my new living room
Maybe it’s just what I need to get over this funk.

Tasty Tuesday: National Cheesecake Day!
Plus pulled spinach dip and pulled pork nachos.

Saturday Steals: Free Redbox Codes

Saturday Steals: Free Redbox codes
Plus dinner questions, foodie deals and much more

Words of wisdom across the web
Here are some great posts I ran across this week.

Parenting and education news
Check out the latest headlines and fun science news to share with your family.

DIY Sunday
Here are some fun weekend projects for your family.

Homeschool Comics
They’re funnier than you think!

Starting your week off right
What tricks and tips do you have?

Tasty Treats: Spinach Dip, Mini-Pizzas and More

This week’s Tasty Tuesday is filled with treats!

Non-exclusive homeschooling
Because variety is the spice of life!

Tasty Tuesday: Spinach dip and pizza cups
Plus cheesy “trash” dip, blackberry rosemary punch, and more

Friday Fun: Catching Fire trailer
Plus Earth from space, cool crayon art, the Chemistry Song and more

Your child’s body, your child’s choice
Why should I choose my daughter’s haircut?

Don’t tell your daughter to sit and be pretty
You’re setting her up for a lifetime of pageantry and worse.

What’s Happening: CTFD, yoga benefits and more
Plus more harms caused by spanking, papal news & Willow Smith’s new song

Saturday Steals and Deals

Fun ways to travel from home
When you don’t have the funds to fly, here are some travel alternatives.

Fun things to do with labels
You can always use them AS labels, of course. Or you can do these things…

Mom, go to bed, you’re tired
Sometimes you just need a nap!

Keeping sick kiddos busy
What do you do when they need their rest?

Do we need another blonde Disney heroine?
Disney always has the chance of breaking the mold, but they don’t rise to the occasion often.

Saturday Steals: Free fly traps, dollar deals at Target and more
Check out these back to school deals.

What’s New at PP, CC

Sunday News: Zimmerman goes free
And RIP Cory Monteith.

Tasty Tuesday: Homemade pretzels, orange peel uses and more
Plus a few ideas for you to try as a family!

Monday Medley: Eat your cucumbers for good health
Plus real dragons, phrases you’re saying wrong and more.

What’s Happening Wed: Things you might be saying wrong
Plus sensory disorder news, banned foods across the globe and childcare distribution.

Think It Over Thurs: How do you cope with children’s emotions?
Making a choice to respect them is one thing; working to manage your reactions is another.

Friday Fun: Stone feet, Star Wars freebies, DIY jewelry and more
Check out some of these fun ideas for the weekend.

60+ Ideas for Weekend Fun

Find something in the article below and go for it alone or as a family.

Friday Fun: 60+ ideas for fun this weekend
Make cookie dough bites, bouncy balls and flower fritters, build a bat box and more.

Let’s rename chick flicks
It’s really a stupid name on so many levels.

Geekin’ Out: Dresden Files Movie!
OK, it’s fan-based, but I’m still stoked.

Saturday Steals: Free homeschool magazine
Plus free Kindle books, memberships and more.

Money matters
The question is, just how much?

Unschooling, homeschooling & hackademic movies
List your favorites!

Magic Mondays, DIY Summer Camp & More

They’re back!

Monday Medley: Make your day magical
Plus parent bullying, parenting secrets and words to say today!

DIY Summer Camp
Make your own with these ideas.

Tasty Tuesday: Pie cups, bagel bombs and cookie bars
Plus fruit leather, popsicles and foods you can re-grow.

What to Read After Harry Potter
Here are some cool fantasy finds for all ages that I’ve enjoyed.

What’s Happening Wednesday: The Return of Scurvy
Plus Disney poison, great TV shows for girls survey and learning algebra in 42 minutes.

What do you want most for your kids?
Share your top parenting goals.