Supreme Court Ruling

I don’t have a lot to say. I’m grieving and raging. I do want to remind folks that Roe never gave the protection it should have. Abortion rights have been restricted in as many states as they’re now illegal in for a long time. In MO, people have had to travel to IL to get them, for example. People of color, poor folks, folks with marginalized identities, trans people, folks with disabilities… Roe has never given enough protection and it’s always been difficult for so many people to get an abortion. Privileged folks can travel (and move away). Most folks cannot.

Remember that most people are pro-choice in at least some situations and this is the result of the efforts of a minority, an extreme (and extremely dedicated) group who’ve been working at this for decades. We can fight it and it’s a chance to make a much better law that actually protects abortion rights for all. Take the time you need to grieve and rage. I hope you’ll fight afterward, too.

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The Tuesday Currents

It’s time for the Tuesday Currents, Summer Solstice edition! Brought to you by a smoldering furnace every time you open the front door!

I’m currently…

working on lessons, fall homeschool planning, and setting up activities

running Wood Sprite to some fun library Pride events

organizing our annual small-but-mighty Pride Visibility Event in Jeffco

creating some super-super cool activities for my fellowship. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share them soon enough!

making archery so much more comfy for our 4-Hers with a sun canopy, thanks to our youth specialist

getting pumped about the new LGBTQIA Coalition

catching up on my planner, journal, logs for volunteer work, and other paperwork

adjusting to new eye meds… again. The generic I had to switch to didn’t work at all, so my pressure has been awful for months. Crossing my fingers that this third (fourth?) prescription does the trick, or, as my optometrist says, gives me more “bang for my buck.” She is one of the kindest doctors I’ve ever had and I really appreciate her.

dropping off a TON of books at the food pantry shop. Y’all. Go buy stuff from them. It goes toward stocking the pantry and I promise there are some really killer reads over there right now!

trying out some new therapists

hanging (okay, mostly napping) with Indy while Wood Sprite attends his favorite farm camp that’s run by a lovely unschooling friend of ours

monitoring some really creative projects Wood Sprite has designed to finish out hours for this year’s Forensic Science credit

nursing Wood Sprite through some dental surgery. It’s really been hard for him to not be able to eat what he wants, engage in high physical activity, use straws… I’ve distracted him with a lot of games, TikTok videos, and old Are You Afraid of the Dark? episodes. There’s been a lot of creative troubleshooting and problem-solving between us this past week! Stitch removal, here we come!

hosting a successful anniversary party for my parents with my sisters

watching Ghosts while I walk with my weights. It’s pretty funny so far! Indy and I are also watching the new (ish) Are You Afraid of the Dark three-part series. It’s perfectly creepy for teens. I can’t wait to see Netflix’s adaptation of Pike’s The Midnight Club and we plan on reading it aloud together sometime this summer.

reading Date Me, Bryson Keller, What to Say Next, Nate Plus One, Gray Hair Don’t Care, Stuck with You, Daily Mantras, and Daily Magic. Most were at least somewhat enjoyable, with Bryson and Stuck standing out as the best this month (so far). I absolutely hated one of them but I’ll keep which one to myself!

worrying through The Teen’s first rides with friends

loving hearing “Running Up That Hill” more often! I love both versions and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of hearing them. Speaking of that song, I’m also…

waiting with bated breath for the second half of Stranger Things. Wood Sprite has shown me the trailer multiple times and we are incredibly excited. What do you think will happen? My prediction is a self-sacrifice of Eleven a la X-Men’s Phoenix style. The imagery mirroring the Phoenix during the first half was incredible and I think they’ll see the cycle through and have El “reborn” again in season five. But it could definitely take a more tragic route, which is what my family predicts…

planning a trip to Springfield next month. Wood Sprite won a 4-H scholarship for a day as a Zookeeper’s aid!

trying to breathe through and enjoy summertime as best as I can. We do have window units in several rooms this year, which is much better, but wow do I miss the central air.

looking for more opportunities for Wood Sprite, who would love a job or an internship–especially one that pays and involves art or animals!

What are you up to? I hope it involves staying cool.