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Raising Monarch butterflies in captivity may be more harmful than helpful. Try these tips to help the species instead.

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Raising Monarchs Can Be Harmful to the Species

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The Tuesday Currents

It’s the final Tuesday Currents of 2021! I’m currently…

celebrating that our water boil order is over! It’s been in effect for three days.

hustling to try and get a lot of things done before the new year

LOVING my new backpack, a complete twin of the previous one. Indy found it online–it was a Think Geek, which doesn’t exist anymore.

working double-time to try and make it a four-day weekend after only taking a day and a half off during the last holiday weekend. Those days were spectacular, though–the half-day was spent sleeping. I’m really trying to make my schedule a little less exhausting.

catching up on lesson plans and making adjustments–especially to book lists

finishing some projects for a couple of organizations I’m volunteering with. I have to read through and comment on 50 documents in the next few days. I’ve had the month to do it, just much less time than I’d anticipated. I sense a lot of coffee in the days ahead!

crafting and gaming with Wood Sprite

loving all of my gifts! Some favorites include a mattress topper from my parents, Indy nailing it with the backpack and an Auryn, and Wood Sprite’s super cool skull in a jar full of moss.

having lunch with my sister

sending myself paragraphs and ideas for next year’s books when I’m not home

really stepping back from social media. I spend more time looking at people’s art on Instagram than any other platform these days.

planning some adventures with my niece

getting over an infection and Zuul’s possession

simultaneously processing All The Things while not making time to really process All The Things and randomly struggling as a result

NOT doing this year’s Reverb. I just haven’t had the chance to do it and I’ve barely started my reviews. A January Reverb is possible but unlikely, which is fine. I can skip a year and do it again next December!

What are you up to on this last Tuesday of 2021?

Things I Love Thursday

What are you loving right now? For me, it’s…

sleeping next to Indy while he’s off

not having an office full of boxes now that everything is wrapped

holiday memes

song games with Wood Sprite

pleasant surprises

getting to see my family this holiday season

making plans with my sisters

watching Last Christmas while eating finger foods with my family

Indy’s cooking

being organized

learning to set better boundaries

pine scent

cold brew coffee

sparkly foil stickers

how magical the tree makes the living room look while it’s all lit up. I’m such a sucker for a good holiday tree.

What do you love this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

listening to Sally and She-Ra snore

wishing I wrote as fast as I used to. My brain is pretty stubborn when it’s tired these days.

trying to finish deadlines before the holidays (ha!)

tolerating some icky flare-ups

surprisingly enjoying an outing with the family that I’d dreaded and worried about. Outings like this one tend to cause me a lot of physical pain and anxiety and while this one still did those things, it was also really nice.

reading Lore Olympus

making messes and plans with my niece. Last week I might’ve brought her back covered in chocolate and filled with sugar…

getting ready for GISHmas

sending cards with Mama Bear folks

loving the snack spreads my mom lays out when we visit

loving all of the sweet, anonymous cards we’ve been receiving and sending some out ourselves

replacing my phone’s stickers with a big one of Jack Skellington as Sam from Trick ‘R Treat. Indy bought it for me and I LOVE it.

loving the glow-in-the-dark scorpion necklace Wood Sprite gave me

writing end-of-year reviews and taking stock in just how much change has happened this year

burning a delicious Hello Neighbor candle

brushing all the fur babies for the last full moon of the year. Leave it in the past, fuzzy kids! I cut a few inches of my hair off as well. Its straw impersonation fell out of season. Every time I get those scissors out I want to cut SO much more off, but then I remember how much more work it is to keep it trimmed up and I like my time better than my look.

stealing pieces of candy off gingerbread creations

planning holiday meals, games, volunteer shifts, and last-minute tasks. I’m very much looking forward to singing with my sisters and playing trivia against with my mom!

watching A Castle for Christmas. Netflix seems to have its own Hallmark team these days. I’m trying to stick to my rule of walking when I watch anything, but Indy and I end up falling asleep rather than watching TV if we sit down in front of it for a few minutes anyway. Yeah I don’t think that plan of watching all these shows everyone loves “when we retire” is going to work anymore–and for lots of different reasons!

trying to find my brush shears. We have so much work to do before I paint the back fence. That may include getting a new fence if these naughty hens won’t stop roaming.

so much cleaning. That’s something that really suffered this year and I’m just getting where I can’t stand it anymore–especially the mountain of laundry after every deadline day.

celebrating family members coming home from the hospital and pleading with folks to just get vaccinated already. Please.

nursing some mouth burns from Indy’s homemade potato soup (so totally worth it)

finishing the Great Planner Migration

switching some lesson sources and plans for next semester

What are you up to this week?