The Tuesday Currents

It’s the final Tuesday Currents of 2021! I’m currently…

celebrating that our water boil order is over! It’s been in effect for three days.

hustling to try and get a lot of things done before the new year

LOVING my new backpack, a complete twin of the previous one. Indy found it online–it was a Think Geek, which doesn’t exist anymore.

working double-time to try and make it a four-day weekend after only taking a day and a half off during the last holiday weekend. Those days were spectacular, though–the half-day was spent sleeping. I’m really trying to make my schedule a little less exhausting.

catching up on lesson plans and making adjustments–especially to book lists

finishing some projects for a couple of organizations I’m volunteering with. I have to read through and comment on 50 documents in the next few days. I’ve had the month to do it, just much less time than I’d anticipated. I sense a lot of coffee in the days ahead!

crafting and gaming with Wood Sprite

loving all of my gifts! Some favorites include a mattress topper from my parents, Indy nailing it with the backpack and an Auryn, and Wood Sprite’s super cool skull in a jar full of moss.

having lunch with my sister

sending myself paragraphs and ideas for next year’s books when I’m not home

really stepping back from social media. I spend more time looking at people’s art on Instagram than any other platform these days.

planning some adventures with my niece

getting over an infection and Zuul’s possession

simultaneously processing All The Things while not making time to really process All The Things and randomly struggling as a result

NOT doing this year’s Reverb. I just haven’t had the chance to do it and I’ve barely started my reviews. A January Reverb is possible but unlikely, which is fine. I can skip a year and do it again next December!

What are you up to on this last Tuesday of 2021?

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