Things I Love Thursday

Every March, I love going past these two houses down the street that have beautiful pink magnolia trees in their front yards. The blooms only last a couple weeks but wow, do they add a soft beauty to the neighborhood! They represent the quick loveliness that is March. How can there only be a week left in the month?

Some things I’m loving this week are…

those mesmerizing magnolias

looking at old 80s commercials with Wood Sprite as we A. study propaganda techniques and B. do research for his 80s comic book

coloring at the table while WS cooks and talks. It’s my new favorite thing to do.

folks who go to the state capital to stand up for our rights when we’re unable to go ourselves

folks who sign petitions, share them, make calls and do what they can to stand up for rights from home

sleeping when I’m tired

cheap, delicious Aldi coffee

new opportunities

opening windows

watching deer in the backyard and snuggling with Indy

seeing my parents and sisters

crossing things off my to-do list

catching up on classes, workshops, volunteer tasks and a bunch of other stuff

flyering for SQSH Helpline Recruitment! There’s till time to apply!

Zeep’s announcement of their new circus collection

moving on from blood spatter to ballistics in forensics. The blood was fun; the trig was not!

What are you loving this week?


Things I Love Thursday

Today is a high pain day and I’m not loving it.

Some things I do love this week include…

talking things out with my family. Everyone, myself included, started the week in very testy moods but we’ve managed to communicate through it mostly unscathed.

Indy talking me through the pain. It really helps to get distracted if you can’t just go to sleep.

our new box springs! They are the shorter kind so I don’t have to hike up to the bed anymore. This is the accessibility my entire body has been craving for years. I miss the look of our imposing bed but I sure love this.

visiting with my sister

getting seen at the doctor last minute

contagious excitement

supportive friends who check on you

being back in the cooler temps. Rando 80-degree days in March are not my cup of tea (and frankly may play in to why I am feeling this way)

cool opportunities

finishing a long, long webinar that wasn’t very helpful

finding reasons for joy when you go looking for them

What are you loving this week?

Mid-Week Movement

How are you taking action this week?

Quick Clicks:
Tell Starbucks to Stop Using Busting Tactics on Their Unions

Support the Women’s Health Protection Act
(Which really needs a more inclusive name)
Make sure to call senators about this one, too!

Take a Comedic Relief Break with Pumpkin’s Wibbly Wobbly Timey-Wimey Face Filter

Give If You Can:
Reparations Roundtable

Human Rights Watch


Learn And Grow
Check out this Anti-Racist Teaching Series

Watch this webinar on Abortion, Agency and Medical Self-Advocacy

Meet the Young Black Activists Who are Changing the World

Share the Equal Pay Day Arts Contest with Kids and Teens

Gizmo is so glad you’re here.

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

drowning in library books that I would love to read but don’t have time for

already feeling “behind” on a series Indy and I started just because we don’t have time to watch it anymore

making sure to delete my phone number from auto-filled petitions. That’s how you start getting text messages all the time.

feeling super artsy and just wanting to doodle or paint or scrawl quotes all over my poor, neglected journal

playing catch-up in classes

getting super sick of spammers

playing catch-up on lessons

listening to Parenting Decolonized

doing a bunch of scheduling and interviews–as both the interviewer and interviewee, depending on the day and time!

playing with rock identification apps

playing with the new moon

trying to reduce sugar again and feeling super cranky

What are you up to?