The Tuesday Currents

The weekly Currents have been postponed while I’m sick! Our whole house has been through rhinovirus during the past two weeks. The cough that comes with it is a stubborn one! We’re on the mend, though, and currently…

sending presents to parties we had to miss while sick

considering investing in cough drops

trying out new energy drinks at work (so far Alani cherry slush is the only one I like!)

catching up on all the paperwork

sleeping propped up on the couch–oh how I miss the bed!

enjoying extra attention from the cats, especially Gizmo, who seems worried when I cough. The dogs, however, huff when I can’t seem to stop.

watching a bunch of TV and movies–Constantine, Good Luck to You Leo Grande (which I loved), What If, Licorice Pizza, Matilda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Patton Oswalt specials, The Sterling, You’ve Got Mail, Sandman (also love), and Troop Zero (my favorite of the month so far). That’s more TV than I normally see in months! It’s one nice thing about being sick.

scheduling a walking tour and a presentation with the History Museum

making sure Artie gets to all his activities and classes. It feels more booked than even before Covid, but maybe that’s just because it’s been some time since he was this busy.

reading The Broken Heart of America, Coming Home

working through the sickness. Honestly working and trying to rest have had the most focus, aside from homeschooling and chores.

What have you been up to?