Sunday Smiles

anniversary 2014It’s funny how I never notice how long I go between blog posts these days until I share my blog link around! I used to post every day, or nearly so, when I wrote for some companies. Now I’m doing almost strictly ghostwriting, which pays well but alas, cannot be linked to from my blog. This week I wrote a bunch of singles resource pages, medical blogs, and answers for Q&A sites, which are really fun to write. If you Google, say, the function of cytoplasm, I might have written the answer you find.

So what are you smiling about this week? I’m smiling about my brand-new touchscreen computer! Oh, I love it, although it takes some getting used to. But to be honest with you, I’d love any computer that holds a charge, isn’t losing its power cord every time you barely touch it, has all of the letters on its keys and is not wobbly when you type, like my old laptop was! Wood Sprite has the old one now, which she loves.

Our 19th anniversary was this Friday, and while I’m not loving that Sprite was sick and we had to cancel our plans, I did love this amazing dinner Indy made. He made tortellini, eggplant Parmesan and fried mushrooms–YUM.

I’m loving my new office, which was the playroom up until last week.

Wood Sprite’s art is amazing! She drew me the coolest dandelion today, and she’s been chalkin’ it up outside all summer on the sidewalks.

sugar skull

We are definitely loving our new pups! Molly and She-Ra are so different but so much fun. Molly is a spitfire and She-Ra is a total cuddler.