Sexual Coercion is So, Like, Cute!

When a man attempts to seduce a woman on camera without her consent, it’s not a funny prank.

Female Talk
Sex Coercion = Cute “Punk” Idea!

Health Food Talk
Finally, Good Vending Machine Food in Schools

Eshopper Forum
Ask Etsy to Stop Selling Fur

Net Culture Talk
Project Positivity on Facebook


Michigan Assistant Attorney General is Cyber Bully

Kids do it. Parents do it. I guess it was only a matter of time before lawyers got in on the cyber bullying action.

Legal Job Market
Cyber Bully Assistant Attorney General Stalks Gay Student

Dalmatian Talk
Don’t Allow Shelter Dogs to Be Sold for Experiments!

Pregnant Report
Governor Schwarzenegger: Shackle the Preggers!

100 Word Challenge is Complete!

This was perhaps the easiest writing challenge I’ve done; maybe next month I’ll do it all in poems, super short stories, or something even more challenging! I hope you’ll join me next month; 100 words each day is really easy to write. My September entries can be found here.

Party Games
Girls’ Night Out!

Parenting Report
Following Your Child’s Lead

IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America
Autumn Adventures

A Day with HIV

To find out more or to take part in this awareness-building campaign, click below.

Healthy Recovery
A Day with HIV

Peace Report
Celebrate Peace Day

Today’s Special
Celebrate Gratitude Day

360 Blog
Sign Up for Chili’s Newsletter, Give a Free Donation to Fight Cancer

Parenting Report
Is Your Child an Animal Hero?

Make Your Ashes into a Record

There are weirder things to do with your remains…

Freaking Phenomena
Throw Your Voice Beyond the Grave

Craft World
Celebrate Play-Doh Day

Working and Parenting
Interview with SAHM

Healthy and Hale
High Fructose Corn Syrup Now Known as The Sugar Formerly Known as Syrup

Great News Blog
No More Animal Testing on Great Apes in Europe!

Writing Letters Can (and Does) Work

Recently I wrote a letter to an establishment concerning something that I felt was highly inappropriate; they responded quickly, remedied the situation, and reestablished my faith in letter-writing.

360 Blog
Polite, Concerned Letters Work

Retail Job Market
Interview with Cashier Supervisor

Today’s Special
Celebrate Captain Planet Day