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99+ Things to Do for 11/11/11

Not only is November 11 Veteran’s Day and my birthday; it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime date! Here are some cool ways to celebrate, as well as links that will take you to a few theories about the date.

Today’s Special
Friday is 11/11/11

Bachmann Sucks
Bachmann Tells Us Peasants to Eat Cake

Fashion Gallery
Way to Empower Girls, Coldwater Creek

Living to Do
It’s Not What It Is

Halloween Adventures, Costumes & Pranks

Freaky Phenomena
Have a Real Halloween Adventure This Year

Fashion Gallery
10 Free Costumes Using Your All-Black Outfit

Fun Report
Start Planning Your Halloween Practical Jokes

Grocery Talk
Use STL Mommy for All of Your Couponing Needs

League of National Park Voters
Take Action for Our National Parks

Happy Birthday, Eric Carle!

Here are some ways to celebrate the awesome writer and artist’s birthday.

Today’s Special
Celebrating Eric Carle’s Birthday

Adventure Book Club
50 Dangerous Things for Kids to Do

Democrat Talk
New York Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

Parenting Book Club
Go the F*** to Sleep

Fashion Gallery
Tell Clothing Company to Stop Sexing Up Little Girls

League of Religions Voters
MYOB, Sally Kern

Awesome Source of Halloween Costume Ideas!

If you haven’t yet heard of Take Back Halloween, read more about it below at Fashion Gallery–especially if you’re still scrambling to create a costume for tonight!

Fashion Gallery
Forgo the Stripper Setup: Be a Female Icon for Halloween

Great News Blog
The Ozone Layer is Stable!

Living to Do
Keep a Dream Journal

Healthy and Hale
Cholera in Haiti: How to Help

Washington DC Job Market
Young Feminists Leadership Conference

I Heart Taylor

No, no, not that Taylor from Twilight! Taylor Mali, the amazing teacher/poet.

Poetry Talk
Taylor Mali is a Poetic Inspiration

360 Blog
Save Iranian Women From Being Stoned to Death

Cosmetic Report
Fun Soap Rocks Make a Great Gift

Parenting Report
Scooby Dooby Doo, You’ve Got Some Kids to Scare Now

Fashion Gallery
Feeling Stalked? It’s Probably Just Your Clothes