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Ask Congress to Help Provide Access to Clean Water

It is crucial that every human being have access to clean, safe drinking water. No one has to die from lack of access if we all speak up!

Farm Voters League
Ask Congress to Help with Water Access

Fantasy Book Club
Grimm Isn’t Really That Grim

TV World
I Heart Once Upon a Time

Turtles Forever
Help Save Sea Turtles

League of Suburban Voters
Use Banxodus to Find a Good Guy Bank in Your Area

Support the Human Trafficking Bill

Please make the call today!

360 Blog
Support the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act

Turtles Forever
4,600 Sea Turtles Killed Every Year in US Hatcheries

Female Report
“Girls” is Not a Derogatory Term

Anti-Nuclear Voters League
No Nukes? Tell the White House to Stop Nuke Subsidies

Health Food Report
Disney Really IS Toxic

Tell Congress: No More Antibiotics

…at least, not in the food we eat.

Turtles Forever
Save the Turtles of Cocos Island National Park

Sacramento Flowers
Corpse Flower: Not Another Tim Burton Movie

Farm Talk

Tell Congress: No More Antibiotics in Our Food

Educational Book Club
Wonderplay Too

Education Job Market
Librarians Being Cut Again

Progressive Voters League
Planned Parenthood Possibly Saved by Judge

Peace Report
Rape is Not Natural

Home Book Club
Handyman Club of America: Landscape Structures and Decks

How-To Book Club
Handyman Club of America: Tools & Techniques

Women Dying Faster Than Previous Generations in US

…which is not a very comforting thought, is it?

Female Talk
US Women are Dying Out Faster

Healthy and Hale
Bon Jovi Says Pay What You Can

Morpheme Addict
Another Language to Die Out Soon

Pet in the Pocket
Simple Mouse Care Tips

Turtle City
Keep Turtles Wild

Turtles Forever
Women Arrested for Capturing Wild Turtles

Weird Animal Report
Sheep Gives Birth to a Dog

Whale City
Summer is the Season for Whale Watching