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New IDEA Post

I have been meaning to write another post at IDEA for weeks, and I am so sorry that I keep forgetting since I’ve also lost about a dozen topics I’ve wanted to cover! Today I was thinking about how much our pets really enrich our lives, so that’s what I ended up writing about today.

IDEA: The Institute for Democratic Education in America
5 More Lessons Kids Can Learn From Pets


The Stirrings of Subversion

In our family, Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and togetherness; a celebration of family and all of the things we are so fortunate to have. It is not a misguided (whether maliciously or not) history lesson, and it does not focus on untruths, or the fairytale transformation of violence into friendship, as the Thanksgiving of my childhood school days did–and that of so many other children’s do. The falsehoods that I learned–indeed, that I was tested on and forced to memorize–were some of the first nudges toward homeschooling that I felt as a teenager. Here is what I think about them today.

IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America
The Stirrings of Subversion

Back to School for Homeschoolers/Unschoolers

Sometimes, I wish I lived in a world where living with authenticity and nonconformity could be embraced just a teensy bit more… Forgive the bitterness that is sure to be in this post; it’s just that all summer long, our homeschooling lifestyle was filled with other HSers and support.

I sort of forgot what it was like to be around people who don’t understand us–or who don’t try to, or want to, at least. Now that the school season is upon us, it’s back to the criticism, questions, and accusatory statements that put us on the defense once again. And we’re just starting! We’re going to have to defend our entire lives forever.

How I used to love fall…

Of course, if you have to ask if it’s worth it, you definitely don’t know us. 🙂

IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America
What Back to School is Like for For An Unschooler

Claiming the U Word

I’ve been reluctant to call what we do “unschooling” because of the connotations associated with the word, but essentially that is what we do. I still like other terminology better (such as “self-directed learning”), or, better yet, refraining from using labels in the first place; and while I’ll continue to use the generic “homeschooling” to avoid confusion, particularly with strangers, I’m also claiming the U word today.

IDEA: The Institute for Democratic Education in America
Coming Out of the Unschooling Closet

When the Kids Tear Up Their Stuff…

…sometimes you just have to let them do it! Whether it’s balloon art, pieces of yarn turned into experiments (often on my stuff), or water added to just about anything, I’m learning to just grin and bear my daughter’s adventures rather than resist them–even when it means letting her alter something I think is beautiful.

IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America
Sometimes You Just Have to Sit Back… And Watch the Destruction