Pandora vs. Spotify

Which do you prefer?

Grateful Dead Music
The Best Way to Enjoy the Dead

That 80s Blog
Rejecting Toxic Masculinity

Good Drinking
Boozy Candles

Northwest Specialties
Brew Dr. Kombucha


The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

wondering how birds keep getting into the house

loving all of this snow–especially since it makes the herd of deer in the backyard so easy to see

ogling these adorable sheep dryer balls

drinking way too much butter rum coffee

planning out the week’s trips to two art classes, library book BINGO, a play, skating, mom’s night, a Science Center exhibit and Scouts pinewood derby

watching Wood Sprite make a clay skull in a big pickle jar (she wants a replica of this), sew her dice bag up and make alterations to her pirate coat

ordering cookies from my favorite Brownie

making anniversary plans for next weekend

writing about bird feeders, Star Wars swag, river dolphins, knitting…

watching Gizmo-Spock be creepy in her sleep

burning cocoa-scented candles while I work

enrolling in co-op classes (Wood Sprite’s hoping to get into acting, and she’s also doing Egyptian RPG, game projects, map drawing, current events, writing, drama, some science labs, art museum classes, farmsteading classes, Microsoft classes and a few other courses)

trying to win tickets to see Train and the Goo Goo Dolls

booking a bunch of hotel rooms for this year’s trips (two to Kansas City, one to Springfield, one to Memphis, one to Columbia, one to Indianpolis and one to Augusta… if all goes according to plan!)

reserving Wood Sprite’s spot at 4-H teen conference

looking for my next scent, although I really love Matilda Wormwood and might just go back to that after using Fleur Delacour this month

thinking about using past Uppercrate boxes or Unicorn Crates for goal completion rewards this year instead of dining out

systematically cleaning the house room by room throughout the month

Doing the Terri Cole’s More Love Meditation and Tova Garr’s Starting the Year Off Right email journaling series

trying to squeeze in a bunch of reading (particularly this unit’s space, art and history spines) before library books are due

What are you up to this week?

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