Monday’s Music

Today’s song is in honor of one of my BFFs, who’s FINALLY back in town after vacation! Missed you, S!

What are you up to this week, readers? Wood Sprite has filmmaking club, an astronaut class, Minecraft group, another library class, a Valentine party, a computer games meetup and a sleepover! Whew. We also have a concert and I have a mom’s night and a sister’s night. It’s another very careful week of scheduling work for me!

Things I Love Thursday

Giant crocodiles. Always gotta love giant crocs. I'd love to have this one in my yard.
Giant crocodiles. Always gotta love giant crocs. I’d love to have this one in my yard.

It’s been a busy (eugh, that word!) and productive week around here. We have volunteered at a food pantry, gone to Live Action Role Playing, picked up a bunch of donated craft supplies for 4-H club, had a playdate, went on a date while Wood Sprite went to a party (at 11 AM! Homeschooling rocks), gone to the library a few times, held our monthly leadership club… Whew! We still have more to go tomorrow. I’ll say I’m loving ALL of these things this week, plus…

Salt & Smoke’s toasted ravioli. They are unlike any other I’ve ever had.

Co-op activities. I love being a part of one, I love that my kid is getting to know other kids, I love looking at my big schedule and seeing mostly free things because so many parents are so generous with their time and creativity… I love all of it.

Bazaar of Bad Dreams. Short stories are my favorite type of lit and King’s are my favorites anyway. I don’t love it as much as Nightmares & Dreamscapes… but I haven’t finished it yet. And could the cover art be any more amazing? I really want a copy for my office.

Wood Sprite’s new overalls. She’s wanted them her whole life and her Pepa made it happen. They are adorable.

Two T-Bird wins in one week–and one was a shutout!

The enthusiasm of kids. Whether it’s playing superheroes or cooing over the rabbits or just being so enraptured in whatever they’re doing, I just love it. I want them all to keep that as they age.

Laura Grace Weldon’s blog. I just love her lists, like this week’s list of boredom busters. We haven’t needed them this week (ha!) but all of them are so much fun, they’re worth making time for even when you’re not bored!

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

Cleo is ready for a nap. But then again, when isn't she?
Cleo is ready for a nap. But then again, when isn’t she?

Hey, the sunshine I begged for last week came through! Wood Sprite and I enjoyed  a day in the park yesterday with friends. It did get cold at the end of the day, but we still had some lovely sunshine.

Rocking to… Black Sabbath


Drinking… Ice water out of my gorgeous Poison Ivy cup

ReadingBazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King

Writing… You guessed it! Not much new this week: Seattle Sports Insider articles, chat tests, guest blogs, book promos, epic e-mails, short stories.

Watching… Tonight Wood Sprite and I tried Legally Blonde. It wasn’t as funny as I remember, but she did appreciate the theme of the film. Does anyone else feel like comedies have really stepped it up (the good ones, I mean) over the past decade?

Planning… Carpooling, spring hikes, class schedules, play dates, book schedules, house repairs

Making… Goal tracking sheets for my 4-H group!

Wanting… to feel like this more often! It’s been a great week. We’ve volunteered, Wood Sprite tried LARP, I’m on top of the house chores, my work and homeschooling (a challenging balance any time of year!) and Sprite just did some coding in a record amount of time. Also, I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series aloud with my family and we are starting my favorite, Prisoner of Azkaban. I’ve been worried about some people in my life that I care about, and while the worries are still on my mind, I’m in a better place this week.

Monday’s Music

Blame the film Tammy all you want for it, but I’ve loved The Outfield’s “Your Love” for years. It’s one of those songs that just makes you feel lighter when you hear the opening chords, know what I mean? But then again, I also love Melissa McCarthy.

What are you up to this week? Can you believe it’s already February? I just printed some goal setting sheets for my 4-H Leadership club this week, sent in Girl Scout cookie order totals to our troop leader, “ordered” our library books for the week, sent my invoices for last week and did some laundry. Indy and I also went to a car show today, where my personal highlight was watching him race a go-kart.

This week, aside from leadership club, we also have volunteering at a food pantry, Live Action Role Playing club, a playdate with friends, co-op, a field trip and hopefully a movie! The semester is in full swing and today I’m in a “BRING IT!” kind of mood, so I am really hoping I can keep it going.


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