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The Tuesday Currents

This gorgeous weather reminds me that spring is here whether we’re sheltering at home or not! Indy was laid off for three days, and we’re just grateful he’s got vacation time he can use for those. Some other things we’ve been up to include:

Quarantine-o-Ween! No, we didn’t dress up, but we watched some movies, and Wood Sprite has been dressing up every week in some way or another, and we just had some more foam come in they’ll be using to make another costume. I dressed up today for the Full Pink Moon and am wearing my spiffy gray cold shoulder dress, black lipstick and pentagram earrings because it’s the little things, right?

Burning Hello Neighbor from Serpent and Flame, which is the best place to buy candles on the Internet. Unfortunately it’s sold out right now but they have dozens of other candles to try. If you want a great fragrance while you’re home and you want to support an indie company, they’re the way to go.

Making my own disinfectant spray the same way we did when we worked in the restaurant business. Click the link for a simple recipe! I’ve got mini spray bottles in the kitchen and the living room for quickly attacking whatever Indy brings in the house.

Trying to figure out some finicky plants! I have over 30 plants right now and while most of them are thriving, a few just aren’t, and I’m troubleshooting. My little baby shoots are also failing and I have no idea why!

Slathering on some Haus of Gloi Ghost Puffs, my all-time favorite of theirs that’s only available at Halloween. Sensing a theme here? When things are down, we turn to Halloween! I’ve decided to make Ghost Puffs my official full moon scent.

Trying out Disney+. Indy is in love with being able to watch the old cartoons like Robin Hood, Wood Sprite asked to watch Frozen II during pizza night immediately and I… well, I can’t wait to have some alone time with the thing for my own private sing-a-long. And we’re all stoked to have the Star Wars movies all here and ready for the annual May the Fourth marathon, although I’m betting they’ll be the edited versions. We try to get the unedited ones from the library each year. I need to just hunt for some to buy and keep here!

Writing every day. Nope, it hasn’t stopped, and nor has homeschooling, although Wood Sprite’s been helping Indy clear brush for the past few days. Our backyard is looking awesome! Indy also bought some fence paint so we can do that for our next project together.

Making lattes with Skinny Mixes and Grounds for Change coffee. Boss Babe Mocha is my current favorite! And what makes things better than a nice latte, hot or iced?

Sniffing the heck out of my Gibbon’s Mischief Night perfume. I need to give Solstice Scents a shout out because not only are they one of the best perfume makers I’ve tried yet, but they also made me a special order when it’s not even in season anymore (Gibbon’s Mischief Night is a fall scent). They are the BEST and they send such gorgeous flyers that I use as bookmarks, as well as a free sample. Once it’s in stock again this fall I’m going to want several bottles… This feels like the Tuesday Currents where I just do a bunch of product endorsements! These are all my own favorites. Nobody’s paying me to say so!

Using our family cloth. I LOVE family cloth and am really irritated with myself for not switching sooner! We couldn’t find any TP for the past few weeks, but I was able to order a 30-pack online when it had a rogue moment of being in-stock, and I was able to share it with my parents yesterday because family cloth makes it last SO much longer. And it’s even more comfortable to use; Wood Sprite loves it, too.

What have you been up to?

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