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Things I Love Thursday

Sally likes to erase the bottom of my chalkboard with her tail…

Plays with friends! Thank you, S! ❤

Reading books with Wood Sprite.

Ending long days with a nap.

Indy’s silver fox hair. ❤

Returning home after being around people all day.

Being around people who want to be around me back.

Parents who help when I’m leading their kids’ activities (thank you, S and C!).

Sally’s snuggles.

Awesome days out with friends (thank you, C and J!).

Fun craft classes and moms’ nights (thank you, S and L!).

The Sounds True Self Acceptance Summit, which may have opened my mind up to some pretty bizarre dreams this week.

Indy’s three-day weekend coming up.

What are you loving today?

The Tuesday Currents

Reading… comics, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night with Wood Sprite

Writing… The usual

Drinking… tea

Watching… Sounds True Self-Acceptance Summit

Listening to… Temptations

Planning… all of last week’s stuff

Wanting… for Krispy Kreme to not give up on Talk Like a Pirate Day! It’s an annual tradition in our house and we always donate some of the donuts we get. Plus, I already dressed up. :p

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