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All of these books have something in common. Can you guess what that might be?
All of these books have something in common. Can you guess what that might be?

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Things I Love Thursday

One of Wood Sprite's latest drawings (also done in her tree). It's Madame de Pompadour (Doctor Who version).
One of Wood Sprite’s latest drawings (also done in her tree). It’s Madame de Pompadour (Doctor Who version).

Indy’s new schedule has us scrambling a few days each week so I’m still adjusting. That said, I am loving a lot this week! What are you loving?

  • Fabulous Valentine’s Party! I had such a good time making over 40 kids sit on each other, make each other try not to laugh and play human BINGO. 😉
  • Surprise gifts! My mom gave me some cash for no reason and my friend N made me some body yummy butter.
  • Seeing my BFF after she was gone for 2 weeks!
  • Casey’s Pizza. ALWAYS the best.
  • Democracy at work! One of the causes my family and I worked for this year just moved forward and Wood Sprite felt thrilled to be a part of real change.
  • The Zinn Education Project.
  • Hoopla, Youtube, Future Learn and so many other free places to learn. I love you, Internet, even if you drive me crazy sometimes!
  • Baked French toast. I made some for Indy the other day before work and the flavors were amazing.
  • Wood Sprite spending whole sunny days outside. Yesterday she wrote a Doctor Who fanfic in her tree and somehow managed to get her werewolf necklace stuck in her slingshot…
  • Free coffee at the orthodontist! They have a new machine and it makes MOCHA.
  • Not having to scrub one of Wood Sprite’s retainers anymore! (The top one still needs it, though…)
  • Indy’s union! They are doing some incredible work helping members who are losing their jobs at nearby plants. Indy went to his first meeting this week before taking his girls out for some Valentine’s lunch and bowling with co-op.

What are you loving this week?

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