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The Tuesday Currents

Right now, I’m…

deep into our annual GISH scavenger hunt, but not feeling as anxious about it as usual. Maybe it’s because we just did two 24-hour hunts and it doesn’t feel as rushed? Or maybe I’m just in a constant 2020 state of anxiety and I don’t notice anything different.

trying to establish a daily rhythm, but feeling like it could all be for naught since Indy’s supposed to change hours again by September. Then again, what if he doesn’t?

helping friends with jobs, car trouble (and our own car trouble after Indy was in an accident last week! He’s fine but our car needs a new exhaust system now), ballot issues, etc.

VOTING and feeling pretty anxious about going to where there are no masks required to do so

feeling outraged over people in more locked down counties traveling to ours for lesser restrictions for their fun. Our cases continue to climb and I’ve just had it, but our residents protest mask and social distancing orders.

eating Rebel ice cream and LOVING it

watching documentaries with the fam in the evenings, which is a nice change after so many seasons of The Golden Girls (which we still love!)

finishing His Dark Materials with Indy. WOW. So much better than the movie.

reading Technically You Started It, which was kind of cute but also so deceptive that it just pissed me off. Starting What If It’s Us next.

loving this beautiful weather!

working within some groups to fight white supremacy and increase

getting Wood Sprite a tent to spend more time outside at night and to frankly have something to do. We have a tent but it’s enormous and they only need a small one.

burning stuff we want to get rid of (written on paper) to excellent themed songs (“Bye Bye Bye,” “Fuck You (Very Much),” and “I Put A Spell on You”) and doing other witchy stuff while drinking tea lattes and enjoying the Sturgeon Moon

trying out new virtual classes (not Wood Sprite’s favorites; back to the drawing board with some of them)

What are you up to this week?


The Tuesday Currents

One of Wood Sprite’s county fair submissions.

I’m currently…

incredibly distracted and having a tough time working. Last week I had a much easier time, even though my mood was much lower than this week. What gives?

treating said mood with extra magnesium, catnip tea, and an attempt to sleep more regularly

ogling oils from different companies and wishing I could get them ALLLLL. As usual, I recommend using Ajevie to get samples when they are available, as they are a super cheap way to try expensive indie perfumes to see if you like them. And no, I’m not affiliated with them or any of the links I’m sharing. I just find that they bring a little joy to my life on occasion!

having weird olfactory issues, which is probably why I want to sniff all the good things

wearing a sample of Astrid‘s Cap of Gnome and really liking it. The whiskey is way too strong but it fades fast. I do think Haus of Gloi’s Pumpkin Oatmeal Stout, which smells similar and costs less, works better with my skin chemistry.

celebrating Wood Sprite using correct punctuation in essays

running out of space for all of Wood Sprite’s 4-H ribbons. They won 7 blue and 2 red this year! One of the blue ribbons went to the Elemental painting above; they made me a set of four of these, one for each element, while at home this year. We were so impressed with the social distancing during judging. They were the only kid in the building for most of our time slot and everyone (three other people) had on masks and were well beyond six feet apart. We had been so anxious before going but they made it as safe as possible.

super excited about the Fortune Cookie Soap Halloween box

preparing for next week’s GISH and realizing that I’m behind already…

drinking three cups of tea at the same time and not sure how that happened

loving the new socially distant seating in French theaters and hoping we can manage something like that here. I was thinking even if theaters could do a drive-in type setting with a movie on the wall outside it would be fun! I get that it might not be cost-effective, though.

cutting out sugar again, which explains the tea and frustration. I feel so much better when I do it–once it’s habitual again.

watching His Dark Materials with Indy. It’s only 8 episodes, and yet we’re on week three of watching it and still have a couple to go. That tells you how much TV we get around to watching!

helping out, where we can

reading Dread Nation

finalizing some semester classes online and still trying to work a few others in…

What are you up to this week?

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