Things I Love Thursday

See, hear and speak no evil?
See, hear and speak no evil?

After promising myself I’d get some real sleep for once tonight, I’m up after two hours of sleep. Texts, animals knocking things over and my own generally worried, busy brain are all to blame. Today I am loving my body’s reminders about how none of this is okay and how I’m going to get sick if I let it continue. With that in mind, here are a few things I’m loving this week.

Giving up volunteer jobs! I volunteer with 4-H, Scouts and various homeschool groups. I moderate and/or own four different positions via Yahoo and Facebook and serve as the new member contact for another. I let go of four of these moderating gigs today to help free up some of my time–because it would be awesome to get some real sleep or read a book or something.šŸ˜‰

Not having Netflix. We took a break and cut some costs and Wood Sprite’s been much more creative without turning to the TV every time she feels bored.

Spending time with my good friend, M. I’ve missed her and we had a wonderful two-hour catch-up session on Wednesday.

Staying hydrated. I’m trying to stick to mostly water lately and it’s helping with the headaches. I am almost positive they would go away if I slept regularly. Indy is also on nights again, which makes it hard to sleep anyway.

Clarity. Man, it doesn’t get any more valuable than that.

FALL! It’s coming. There are already haunted house ads on the radio.

What are you loving this week?


New Articles at Ganjarama

13942385_10154071598681284_819447423_nThis week’s batch of Ganjarama pieces were a lot of fun, but I think the most interesting one might be the history of bongs. If you look further into it from the introduction that I’ve written here I think you’ll find it fascinating, too. My favorite pieces to write are always the ones where I get to dig and learn about something interesting.

Medical Uses for Marijuana
Bongs: A History Lesson
Songs about Pot
Fascinating Facts about Marijuana
Pot’s Best Friend, Hemp, and Its Uses

The Tuesday Currents: The Vacation Recap

Indy had two butterflies on him in this picture, but one flew away just as I snapped it.
Indy had two butterflies on him in this picture, but one flew away just as I snapped it.

Rocking toā€¦ Nirvana

Laughing Aboutā€¦ Making funny voices with Wood Sprite last night

Drinkingā€¦ Tea

Readingā€¦ Nothing. It’s been too busy around here to read, which makes me cringe. If you’re too busy to read, you’re too busy to write, right? Indy was off last week but I wasn’t, so I crammed in a lot of things to do with him and Wood Sprite while I kept my regular schedule and am still exhausted. Freelancers don’t get vacation days unless they can really manage to work them in for themselves, but I’ve decided that I am definitely taking a day off each week from now on because I’m reverting to my old working-every-day mode and it’s really hurting me–just like it did last time, and the time before that…

Writingā€¦ Product descriptions (barbecue equipment, clothing, holiday decorations, etc.), moreĀ articles about marijuana, lists for Screen Rant, journal entries, Boo to You, Mrs. Robinson (my October release), Street Fighting Man (November) and Visions of Sugarplum (December), my Bullet Journal.

Watchingā€¦Ā  Fried Green Tomatoes, The Day After Tomorrow, 9 and Kung Fu Panda 3Ā  with Wood Sprite and Indy. We never made it to the drive-in to see Pete’s Dragon, but we do hope to see it soon.

Planningā€¦Ā Too much.

Makingā€¦ Clean rooms, redecorated spaces, storage solutionsā€¦ Indy’s tackled a few small items on my honey-do list, which is usually just things I can’t reach because I don’t like using the stepladder.

Wantingā€¦ A vacation redo. My god. A big chunk of our vacation was spent canceling our plans and doing things for people or taking care of obligations as they quickly came up (he even had to help fix a machine when he went to pick up his check! I think it’s time for direct deposit…) and we’ve decided that from now on, anytime he has three days or more off that time is OURS unless it’s an emergency. I’m also wanting a fridge that doesn’t leak, a new tire for Sophie, to KNOW when Indy has overtime before he has to work it (last night was his first shift back and he didn’t know he had to work 12 hours until he was supposed to get off an hour ago), my three dozen mosquito bites to go away… and more time with Indy. I’m a greedy wife. I always want that.

Vacation Notes Continue reading The Tuesday Currents: The Vacation Recap

Things I Love Thursday

hp3It’s one of those weeks where if it can go wrong, it will–and it’s supposed to be Indy’s vacation week. Between getting violently sick, bending our plans to accommodate over a dozen other people (we are supposed to be out of town!), checks being delayed and me working my usual hours, it certainly has not felt like a vacation. In fact, it feels more hectic than usual.

Still, there are plenty of things I am loving this week, including…

GHOSTBUSTERS! We finally saw it and all three of us loved it. The fight scene and the “scary” scenes were my favorites, but all three of us agreed that Holtzman was our favorite.

The Butterfly House. My parents bought us a membership a long time ago and we haven’t been yet. We did take Wood Sprite when she was very young, but she didn’t remember. She said she wishes she could live there and all three of us enjoyed butterflies landing on us.

Indy’s homemade fries. YUM. We are having a Harry Potter party right now and he made them as part of the “fish and chips” dinner last night.

Writing about new topics. It’s always interesting for me and I love to change it up now and then.

Indy being home. No matter what, that’s always nice. Well, it is until he starts to follow me around like a lost pup when I’m working!

What are you loving this week?



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