Rose Quartz Lattes

I kind of want one right now.

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Rose Quartz Latte

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Roahd Dahl Lost Daughter To Measles

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Things You Know That No One Else Does

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Why Tequila Stings

Things I Love Thursday

Some things I am loving this week include…

Every Saga issue up until the last one. How am I still so affected by this? Sob.

Indy handling me at my most emotionally fragile, particularly while shoe shopping, which is one of my most hated chores. He was even able to laugh it off when I walked in and walked right out of one shop only to nearly do the same at another, claiming to be allergic to the brick.

The helpfulness of others. Indy volunteered to help one of WS’s teachers with a flat while she was teaching and at least four other moms stopped and offered to help. Most said they couldn’t help physically but they assumed it was our vehicle and offered us rides and asked if they could help somehow.

Brightening people’s days! I’ve had several thank-you notes this week for little goodies I really enjoyed making for friends.

My beautiful earrings from Florida, courtesy of my BFF and her boys. ❤

50-cent comic books

Reading with Wood Sprite for her spring classes. Right now we're reading Good Omens, “Death Takes the Train,” What’s Up Doc? and other, shorter works.

The Good Ancestor podcast

making stickers

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

having my limits pushed by a house full of critters. When it’s too yucky for the dogs to play outside everyone seems restless!

writing my fingers off to try and have two half-days off while Indy’s off (and apparently seeing how many times I can use the word “off”)

reading Excalibur comics, Binti: Home and Akata Warrior (all still from last week… not a lot of reading time since!)

weighing the benefits of buying a new lesson planner between just printing a couple of month’s worth of plans and then buying the actual one I want this summer (pretty sure I’ve made up my mind)

loving the water bottle Indy gave me, which makes every iced coffee I make feel like it’s being made in a martini shaker

making plans for everything from Valentine’s to Wood Sprite’s dance, 4-H teen conference to seeing Macbeth this week

singing along to musicals with Wood Sprite while she draws maps and I organize (Jekyll & Hyde, Rent, Mary Poppins Returns, Cats Don’t Dance, Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera)

wiping up muddy dog prints every couple of hours

doing the work. It’s not pretty or comfortable but we’re learning.

sorting photos from my phone, Google, Facebook, email and trying to label, file and post the ones that go in the yearbook where they go without cursing too much

drinking ginger peach sparkling water

supervising Wood Sprite teaching kids about health habits for a 4-H project and feeling simultaneously proud and tired.

agonizing over helping Wood Sprite with her writing almost as much as she’s agonizing over writing the perfect paper.

What are you up to this week?

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