Happy NaPoWriMo/ Monday’s Music

I’m up writing tonight, but I keep jotting down angry poems, which is fine, since it is NaPoWriMo, after all. Lately I have really missed writing personal reviews and commentaries for work, and I’m unloading pretty heavily. Feels pretty good.

My song for the week is an old one, and one that I cringe to admit that I had no special feelings for (or against) until recently. I blame American Horror Story, of course, which makes me feel a bit like a besotted teen over media… and it’s actually kind of nice. Familiar, even–the pull of an obsession, the kind I had when I was sixteen and head-over-feet for Stephen King or the X-Men. It keeps popping up on the radio while I’m doing chores every day and I exclaim, “My song!” like I did then (then, it was probably an Alanis Morissette song). I’ve always been a fan of Stevie Nicks, but this is my new Fleetwood Mac song. I may even start wearing a shawl again.

This week I’m writing about petting zoos and farms for date ideas in various cities. It’s going to be a stormy, cozy week at home while Indy works lots of 12-hour shifts, but we do have plans with kind friends who are taking us here and there. The weekend was good, with lots of fun at Six Flags and parks and libraries, but both Indy and I had stomach illnesses, too. How about you? What are you writing about or doing?

Monday’s Music

This week, Wood Sprite and I are finishing up a Coursera class we’ve been doing together. She’s done so well that I think I will enroll her on her own next week. Suddenly she’s very much into technology, Minecraft, games… It’s wonderful and overwhelming at once!

We also joined Pottermore together this week. Sprite was sorted into Hufflepuff, Indy was a Slytherin and I was a Ravenclaw. All were surprising results to me! Today we read more from the book, did yardwork and housework, made a dog crate and grilled food at home. It was a very lovely Sunday, especially since Indy was supposed to work initially!

This week we have a museum tour, homeschool bowling, a family game night, a field trip to a news studio, a painting date with Scouts, classes in Civil Rights, Science and book club (this week’s subject is Queen Liliuokalani), and a night of blown glass! Indy is even taking a vacation day for that. It’s going to be a packed, amazing week, and we’re going to squeeze in a couple of hikes, too. We are also reading A Wrinkle in Time this week for next week’s book club.

Wood Sprite was watching Ella Enchanted last night and it totally ingrained “Joy to the World” in my brain. So I thought I’d share. Have a great week!

Monday’s Music

Mashups normally aren’t my thing, but I really loved the version of Nelly’s “Just a Dream” in the film Pitch Perfect. I’m looking forward to the sequel! How about you?

I know in the last movie they made it a big deal about how they only used female covers and Becca changed all of that, but I think using only female artists is a great thing to do since so many groups only use male performers already. How about some Heart songs, Barden Bellas?

Until then, here’s the song! What are you up to this week, readers? I’m working on pieces about St. Patrick’s Day and my ghost novel. Wood Sprite and I are heading to the Compassion Experience, having playdates, reading A Wrinkle in Time for book club, going bowling, attending 4-H and having a sleepover during the weekend, so time management is definitely key this week. Last week was full of rotten luck (furnace issues, a broken car handle, a broken glass, a dog-chewed couch cushion…) so here’s to a much luckier week. Maybe we’ll find a four-leaf clover somewhere. ;) Have a good one!

Monday Music

Happy Monday! This week I’m writing about Valentine’s resources for couples and ghostwriting some really fun projects. If you run across any new product reviews or Q&A sites this week, you might find my work. ;)

Between classes, a birthday party, Scouts, 4-H and spring cleaning, we have quite a week ahead of us. I hope yours is wonderful!

Onto this week’s music… Here’s something just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Monday’s Music

I’m watching Megamind with my kiddo while I write, so I thought I’d share this song.


Megamind: You dare challenge Megamind?
Titan: This town isn’t big enough for TWO super-villains!
Megamind: Oh, you’re a villain, alright! Just not a SUPER one!
Titan: Oh, yeah? What’s the difference?

I love it! Have a great week!