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The Tuesday Currents

It would be a lot easier to get things done around here if a certain Gizmo-Spock would stop invading our work space and using our pants as ladders…

I’m writing this post in advance since we’ll be traveling this week! I only take days off when I’m ill (and I often don’t even do that) so I’m not using tech on Monday, save for music, and I’ll be back to work Tuesday night.

I’m currently prepping to leave, finishing some projects that are due, and finalizing details for the end of the week to be ready when we return. We’ll be checking out some fossils, seeing a million glowing pumpkins and swimming while I’m gone!

What are you up to this week?

Things I Love Thursday

Wood Sprite is so creative! She made a bunch of things at Troop Roundup this past week, including these bracelets.

This week, I’m loving…

Doing Inktober with Wood Sprite! We love to draw together and often don’t have the time, but we’ve been carving a few minutes here and there. Today’s challenge was “cruel” and we both drew cruel-looking ringmasters… hers was a skeleton-like ghoul and mine was a satyr with fangs.

The incredible date day Indy and I had on Saturday while Wood Sprite was at Troop Roundup! We went to the farmer’s market, got coffee, window shopped, nabbed some teen night games for less than $15, watched Shape of Water and really enjoyed one another’s company… which is good after 23 years, right?

How clean I can keep our house now that we’re actually using our days home wisely. Wood Sprite and I have been doing an accelerated learning program this semester since she’s decided to go to college and I’ve been working hard making sure that the days we’re home are used very judiciously. This means that it’s not a “dumping point” or “staging area” like it normally is in the chaotic fall but a home complete with yummy smells from the crockpot and content critters happy that we’re home with them much more often.

Another date with Indy while Wood Sprite went to RPG with her best friends. We browsed through a boutique dog shop and marveled at what people spend on their pets and contemplated getting a treat to prank the kids with!

How people pitch in for one another. One friend mentioned that her local food pantry needed help and now all of our 4-Hers want to pitch in even though it’s an hour from where we are. I love these people.

What are you loving this week?

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