Mother Nature’s Power

You know this planet will probably outlive us, right? Anyone who’s worried about climate change is worried about humankind because Earth has withstood worse and probably will again.

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The Winner’s Curse

What are you reading this week?

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The Winner’s Curse

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The Tuesday Currents

Today was a hectic day and I was so glad to collapse with my London Fog when I got home! Here are a few things I’ve been up to…

an art museum tour/field trip (where I totally forgot my coat)

a neuroscience lab/field trip… both in the same day because that was totally a great idea

rushing to get Wood Sprite’s art project to the annual fair

picking up and dropping off Wood Sprite’s friends

daily library runs

nursing a sick Wood Sprite over the weekend (a temp that almost hit 102 had me pretty nervous), which meant that she missed a 4-H conference she really wanted to attend and we all missed a trip we had planned on taking the next day, but also meant that I was able to read and watch a lot of stuff…

reading Stalking Jack the Ripper, Binti: Home, Caraval, The Winner’s Curse, Bayou Magic, Ready Player One, and Captain Marvel comics

watching The Meg, How to Get Away with Murder, Supernatural, Return of the King, Christopher Robin, Shrill, Juliet Naked and American Gods

making everything into a latte

loving our new Aldi remodel

enjoying some yummy fish from one of many the Friday fish fries around our area

waking up to both Indy and Wood Sprite sleeping on me while they watched Coraline. Still loving our huge sectional couch that lets us pile up!

catching up on chores and writing

rolling on my favorite perfume every few hours and wishing I could use it as a room, linen, diffuser and all-around-everything scent

grabbing my mom’s birthday cake from the bakery (and finalizing plans to meet for her birthday, babysitting my niece, teen night, co-op, the art fair… all of this week’s details)

What are you up to this week?

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