Tuesday Currents

Indy was unexpectedly called in to work 12-hour shifts this week. Again. And he’s doing the same next week. So, I spent the morning canceling our plans for this week via phone and email. Again. How about you?


Rocking to… The cat purring next to me

Drinking… Sugar-free root beer

Reading… The Poison Eaters by Holly Black

Writing… How-to and answer articles; chat tests; journal entries

Watching… Indy and I watched The Whispers over the weekend. We’re ambivalent about it because it has interesting moments and a great premise (not to mention Lily Rabe!), but it’s just not paced well. And what is with all of these TV shows that start with a person cheating on someone and dealing with the aftermath this past year? It’s like one writer took that basic plot line and then threw in a bunch of random subplots and sold it to each network. Aliens! Murder! A slap! Come on.

Planning… Re-dos for this week, since everything was canceled. Again.

Wearing… Pajamas. Yep. It’s been THAT kind of day. I was even told to kill myself by some random misogynist troll on Youtube. Fun times!

Tweeting… A RT of Shakesville: “A person being fat doesn’t tell you anything about their character. Your believing otherwise certainly tells me something about yours, tho.”

Making… This month’s 30-day challenge was to get back to walking 3 miles a day, but my feet HURT. What I thought were splinters (and there were splinters!) is bruising beneath my skin on both feet from shoes that are too big. So now this month’s challenge is to create something every day, which hasn’t been difficult so far.

Wanting… My week back.

Monday’s Music

We had a wonderfully restorative weekend doing yardwork, playing as a family and enjoying time both inside and outside. Wood Sprite and I have two favorite songs right now, so I suppose I’ll share them!

We are in love with “Titanium,” by David Guetta:

And I’m just tickled that she seems to enjoy ELO as much as I do. She sang along while I played “Livin’ Thing” and knew it by heart–how did she do that?

Great feedback makes my day, and my editors have been sending me wonderful comments over the weekend. One piece I’m particularly proud of was an article about father-of-the-groom speeches. Writing it with all genders in mind, with the law actually, finally behind it, felt amazing, as did its approval. Thank you, once again, SCOTUS, activists, supporters of love from coast to coast. This means so much, to so many. I understand we still have so much farther to go (fair housing, jobs, bullying…) but this is so big and so very welcome.

This week Wood Sprite has a dentist appointment (wish her luck!), a play date with her best friends, her last Junior Master Gardener class and bowling with another best friend. Indy and I have lots of work as well as yard work to finish. There’s something about pulling weeds and getting sweaty that just makes you feel good. Or maybe it’s just me!

Hope your week is a good one, readers and writers!

Monday’s Music

Ever had one of those Mondays? You know, the ones where you wish you’d just stayed in bed? I don’t know if it’s the billions of mosquito bites, the splinters I can’t get out of my foot or what, but I am just crabtastic today. Every little thing is getting on my nerves! I need to keep working, but I feel like curling up with my book and just shutting everything else out, know what I mean? So I think I’ll go with my Sam Winchester theme song today. It’s perfect for a crab like me, and it helps me picture Sammy slaying monsters. Win!

This week I’m writing about holidays, greeting cards, video games, college programs and other topics for Q&A sites. What are you up to?

Things I Love Thursday

dogs cat cuddleThings I do not love include splinters, thick dog hair that ACTS like splinters in your feet (owww) and walking like Gollum as a result.

Things I DO love on this otherwise fine Thursday include…

-Freebies from family and friends! Between the makeup, doggie goodies and clothes for Wood Sprite, it could be Christmas.

-Playdates with good friends

-Animals cuddling and getting along (see above)

-Free field trip locations! I also just love planning in general.

-The quiet; also,

-The loudness

-Iced tea so cold it could preserve a large mammal

Monstrous Affections, a wonderful collection of stories I’m reading. I love speculative fiction, horror, fantasy and sci-fi. This collection has a bit of everything and even manages to provide the reader with surprises, which are my favorite things to read!

How about you? What are you loving this week?

Tuesday Currents

I just love Dianne Sylvan (her writing, her art, her stickers, body image stuff… all of it!) and today I saw that she posted a new Tuesday Currents post. I totally forgot about these and thought it would be fun to join in. Since I’m mostly ghostwriting now, I don’t have a lot of work to link to anymore, and it’s always nice to share something new on the blog. Feel free to join in by posting your answers below or on your blog.


Rocking to… “Rhiannon” by Stevie Nicks, because of course I am

Drinking… Unsweetened black tea

Reading… The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

Writing… How-to and answer articles; journal entries

Watching… Parenthood

Planning… Money stuff. Trips.

Wearing… All black: t-shirt, shorts

Tweeting… So WHEN are we gonna change it, America? So much death by our own hands is NOT normal. And it doesn’t have to happen.

Making… Indy’s Hand of Doom sculpture. Photos to come!

Wanting… A clean house and some chocolate

Monday’s Music

Today’s song reflects my state of mind lately. I’m coming out of a fog (perhaps because Indy was finally off for one day?) and rekindling my passion for homeschooling, art, music, writing, travel… hell, everything. Gotta warn you that if you haven’t seen Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” video, it’s pretty intense! It scared me as a kid. But it’s also kind of my anthem, especially on days like this.

I’m writing a bunch of Q&A articles this week, about everything from wedding customs to teen magazines. Fun stuff, actually! I hope you have a week full of passion and imagination, readers and writers.

Things I Love Thursday

babies 13For the first time in I don’t know how many weeks, I had a night of nightmare-less sleep! After nights of having my head sewn onto a new body, seeing a bat eat a baby and so many other pretty traumatic, vivid horrors, I am incredibly grateful for a dream about hanging out in the living room with my family and dogs. While reading about The Babysitters Club… I’ll take it!

In addition to a nightmare-less sleep, this week I am loving…

Indy’s 12-hour shifts. As much as I hate not being with him, I’ve decided to embrace them for what they do for our family. I still miss him like crazy. And go stir-crazy…

Help from loving family members. We got some much-needed work on the driveway done last week! We still have a long way to go, but it was because of one person’s generosity that we were able to get that done.

Awesome books. I just read My True Love Gave to Me, a compilation of holiday romance stories for teens. Some had supernatural creatures and yes, those were the best of the lot, but most of them were good anyway. I just love a quality collection of short stories. I picked it up because Holly Black and Laini Taylor had stories in it, and I discovered a few new authors that I like in the process. I was having a pretty rough week filled with overwhelm when I realized (for the thousandth time; is there an English word for when you remember something you’ve already learned over and over again?) that when I don’t create or read or listen to music–when I don’t immerse myself in the art, the Something Bigger Than (than dusting, than cleaning up dog vomit, than teaching math, than writing product descriptions…), I am pretty stinking depressed. You’d think I’d make time to nourish my artist a little more, knowing that a little time spent on it yields so much benefit.

Unexpected checks in the mail! Those are always fun to receive.

Birthdays for babies! A friend of mine invited us to her one-year-old’s birthday party next weekend. I am looking forward to baby-face-in-the-cake, which is, of course, the point of one-year-old birthday parties.

Bunnies. Sigh. I just love the babies we have, even though we have to find them homes. One already has a home, and although I am so happy that it’s with good people we know, I still miss him.

Our kitty, Cleo! The family who took Little Brother bunny (now named Bambino, which is adorable) gave us Cleo in exchange. I’ve always wanted a tortoiseshell cat and couldn’t pass her up, and I just LOVE her. She’s the prettiest kitten I’ve ever had and she is such a little mess. We named her Cleopatra because she walked in like she owned the place right off the bat. She even puts our 50-pound dogs in their place.

Lemonade. Sigh. It’s my favorite thing about summer. And fresh fruit! I’ve only had one lemonade this June, but I hope to make some homemade next week!

Hellboy. And Indy loves him, too, which is why I’m making him a giant Hand of Doom for Father’s Day. Shhh! Don’t tell. But I’m struggling with it a bit. So he may not get it until August… He already has some cool stuff for the big day (a new knife, a movie he wanted and a surprise race at the Rusty Wallace track!) so if I’m late I won’t feel too guilty. I hope.

New clothes! Indy picked me up some t-shirts because I only had two for summer. In the Midwest, that is a recipe for constant crankiness in the summertime. One is green with Yoda on it and it says, “Size matters not.” The other is an AC/DC shirt. I never get myself cool screen-printed tees like this–I always grab whatever is the cheapest solid color tee–so I’m pretty stoked about them. I also cut some pants into shorts, which is BRAVE for me, since I haven’t worn shorts around since having my daughter. Holy cow, is it so much more comfortable. It’s amazing how miserable we let ourselves get just because we are self-conscious about something.

What are you loving this week?