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Who are, or were, your favorites? We’re playing tribute to Marie Fredriksson this week.

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The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

preparing for the end-of-year showcase. Wood Sprite’s running lines, finishing outfit prep and props, and I’m organizing transportation, timing, payments, and general chaos–and deeply admiring the theatre teachers who are doing a million more things than either of us put together.

loving Bones Coffee, but still unsure whether or not I love it more than The Spicery

admiring holiday suits with Wood Sprite

finally getting our tree! It’s a Douglas Fir called Boromir AKA Sean Bean and we were going to insert arrows through it, but then my PMS decided to help me cry over all of the seeds it had on it and I wouldn’t let Indy pull out of the parking lot without letting me pick them all off and blow them away to “give them their best chance in the world.” Jesus. I can’t even. THEN I had a crisis about real versus fake trees (again), which followed my We Didn’t Get It On December 1st (Because It Was Windy) So I Don’t Want To Pay $50 For A Tree We’ll Just Be Burning In A Couple Of Weeks Crisis of 2019. Wood Sprite and I giddly checked out giant trees, selected a dozen, named a few, and ended up going with the first one Indy chose. What can I say? He has a keen eye. May Chunk, Spike and the other trees we loved find good homes.

heading to the orthodontist SUPER early in the morning. Luckily they have coffee.

visiting family… I’ve seen every member of my family, some a few times, in the last two weeks and I love it so much.

avoiding all the sugar

finalizing Secret Santa for Christmas. I did a little bit of scheming and twisting to help keep it a surprise for everyone. It would have been rather un-Slytherin of me not to.

burning all the candles and feeling SO happy

dying to open my 12 Days of Christmas Box from Fortune Cookie Soap! I have 12 Days boxes for Wood Sprite and Indy, too, but neither of them are as impatient as I am. I also have a bunch of goodies coming from their Black Friday sale. I had $90 in points to use so… yeah, I can’t wait to get that package!

doing fun classes at the library: lost cities, ugly sweaters, trivia and more!

continuing our holiday movie marathon, with one exception: Indy and Wood Sprite begged to give up The Star Wars Holiday Special after five minutes. I allowed it because there’s only so much wookie talk one can take. This is the year we add Mean Girls to the list so watch out: the pop culture zingers are on their way!

realizing that good people can be bad for one another, and it’s natural for things to end. Grace, of course, is another matter! Sometimes it’s just best to admire and think kindly from afar.

mourning with a loved one over a lost pet

journaling every chance I get

doodling drawing challenges with Wood Sprite when we have down time, especially while waiting. Earlier we did “Make a wholesome character evil,” and WS drew Newt Scamander as an animal lab tech, which I’m still upset about! I, on the other hand, drew Murder Me Elmo. Then we drew the opposite (I drew Pennywise in the style of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs; WS drew Cruella DeVille as an animal rights activist) followed by a classic TV cartoon character as an animal (me: Morticia Addams as a cat; Wood Sprite: He-Man as a lion).

loving our time together so much. Wood Sprite is more fun than ever, but also in high demand between friends, so I’m really enjoying it when we all pile up with the animals and snuggle and laugh.

wrapping up teacher gifts, some literally

welcoming Zuul with Her favorite tribute: peanut butter fudge

wishing everyone in my life, past and present, peace and joy, now and always

What are you up to?

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