The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

celebrating Indy’s 40th birthday! Well, we celebrated throughout the weekend, and he took Monday and today off, so now I’m working while he plays video games. He was going to work on his truck but it’s too cold!

still raising funds for SQSH! Please give and share!

loving my kiddo’s creepy Christmas advent calendar

No photo description available.

feeling grateful for all of the people I’ve met this year, and how kind and generous so many people in the world are

making Indy’s cake

craving said cake! It’s not even my favorite but when you’re avoiding sugar, it all looks good…

feeling grateful for hens laying once again

burning a Laughing Crow Candle and loving the sound it makes as much as its scent

drinking too much iced coffee (pumpkin praline pie made from home today!) and jumping from task to task way too much

reading Cemetary Boys and loving it

feeling nostalgic for service projects with groups of people who all really care and work hard to make things happen

trying to squeeze in all of our final plans for the year and make things work

coaxing Indy into watching old 80s movies he’s never seen

wishing I could play with my billion stickers today

gearing up for a bunch of appointments, meetings and screenings

treating the oxford comma like my gender. Do I want to use it today? Do I not?

raising gift cards for a nonprofit organization the holidays

learning how to do a new role much more quickly this week

not smelling great and hoping that today’s perfume sample makes someone else happy!

really missing going to the movies

enjoying my own holiday countdown

What are you up to this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

Raising funds for SQSH! If SQSH sounds like a hug, it’s because that’s exactly what it is. You can read all about it and find out how to support SQSH today on Giving Tuesday (or anytime!) here.

reading Fever Dream with Indy. We liked it but it wasn’t nearly as gasp-worthy as reviews made it sound.

finishing up archery training! Yay! We have a great group of new kids joining our older archers.

calling a new mentor for some tips in another project

kicking sugar and craving squash soup

decorating for the holidays. Indy had us laughing so hard with his impression of me going gaga over cinnamon, then Wood Sprite and I ooohed and ahhhed over the lights so much we ended up not finishing the tree. Honestly, we used to push through and get every tote emptied in one day! That sounds exhausting. These days it takes me a few days to decorate–even with more family help–and if I’m not feeling something, it goes back into a tote. Who am I?!

naming the tree. The past few trees included Boromir, Gertrude and Bertrand. This year’s tree is called Larry Gary Barry Jerry Gergich. Yeah, we mix them up and never say it the same way.

finishing prep work on my 2022 planner

having lunch with an old friend

not sleeping great, which always happens when Indy goes back to work. He’s got a few long weekends coming up and I’m sure rest will be all over the place.

making All. The. Appointments. I was on the phone yesterday for nearly two hours. At least they’re all made!

loving Indy’s birthday countdown and finalizing his birthday plans

reorganizing book lists. I tend to do this every time Wood Sprite and I revisit our goals.

craving a wickedly sweet coffee. Did I mention I cut sugar out?

chugging water and trying to not think of said delicious wickedness. To be clear, I don’t think any food is wicked and I’m using the word to mean something I love. If you love and eat lots of sugar, I’m not judging and I definitely relate to having a sweet tooth. Unfortunately, it aggravates my symptoms so cutting it out is in my best interest. Being unhappy now will help me feel better in a couple of days. In the meantime, I mope.

checking out some Barefoot Books for my niece

making plans for next semester

What are you up to?

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