Monday’s Music

Last weekend was pretty full between work and chaperoning a teen 4-H conference. On the way to the conference, one of my BFFs, S, played this song. She’s into Twilight and I like to poke fun at her over it, but when she played me this song from the soundtrack I thought it was pretty. I’ll be damned if they didn’t play the song that night at the kids’ dance, too.

Still can’t stand Twilight, though. Sorry, S! 😉

The Tuesday Currents

It is impossible to get anything done with the hygge bunch purring everywhere and casting sleeping spells.


Rocking out to… The Moana soundtrack

Drinking... Tea

Writing… short blogs, long articles, site tests, emails, field trip reminders, a million answers to a million questions.

Reading… Daring Greatly, The Cozy Life

Watching… Moana, This Is Us

Planning… Fall co-op offerings, camping trips, state park visits, travel logistics for camps, 4-H teen conference and field trips.

Making… a clean home, overnight oats, Kladdkaka

Wanting… someone to wash my dogs. It’s my most hated chore because they do NOT like getting wet.

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